Every Time You Wash Out a Jam Jar, Three Small African Children Die Of Thirst

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I canít prove my headline, of course.

It might be five small African children who die. It might be ten.

But my headline it is more accurate than anything the local council, the Government or the European Union will tell you about recycling.

The simple truth is that water is in desperately short supply.

Thatís why pure drinking water often costs more than oil products such as gas and petrol.

Local councils in the UK insist that citizens wash out bottles, jars and tins. They are obeying absurd recycling rules introduced by the EU.

But anyone who washes out tins or bottles with fresh, drinking water is wasting the planetís most valuable natural resource.

And that is a crime against humanity.

NB Please send this article to your local councilís Recycling Aficionados.

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