Animal Experiments Donít Work (And Do More Harm Than Good)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The evidence proves that animal tests are a complete waste of time, have never led to any useful breakthroughs and are never going to lead to any useful breakthroughs. Indeed, the misleading results produced by animal experiments result in dangerous drugs being sold for use by humans.

Here are some facts you should know:

1. Standard animal experiments give results which can be applied to humans just 38% of the time. This means that 62% of the time the results obtained through animal experimentation are wrong. Since tossing a coin would give a long-term 50% chance of accuracy it would be quicker, cheaper and more accurate for scientists to do their research by tossing coins.
2. Animal experiments are used to confuse and delay. The link between tobacco and cancer was established long ago. But scientists continued to do experiments on animals Ė in an unnecessary attempt to find a laboratory link between smoking and cancer. The purpose? To delay the day when smoking would be controlled.
3. Drugs are sold to humans even if they cause illness in animals Ė on the grounds that animals are different to humans. Scores of well-known prescription drugs cause cancer and other serious problems in animals Ė but are still sold for use by humans. However, drugs which donít cause problems on tested animals are sold for use on people on the grounds that they have been proved safe. Drug companies cannot lose!
4. Vivisectors admit that over half of their experiments on animals are unreliable and worthless. But they also admit that they donít know which experiments may be useful. So they clearly donít have the faintest idea which experiments may produce results of value. If you donít know which experiements are of value then all animal experiments are worthless.
5. All the drugs which cause serious health problems when given to people have been tested on animals Ė and, as a result of those tests, approved and passed as Ďsafeí.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016

Adapted from Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying. Hereís the Proof. By Vernon Coleman

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