Leaving the EU Could Save the Failing NHS

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Regular readers will know I believe the National Health Service now does more harm than good. Lives would be saved, and the nation would save billions, if the NHS were closed and every citizen provided with free private health care.

(See articles entitled The Real Reason why NHS hospitals are closing, State Run Medicine Doesnít work , How the European Union Kills People and Why the NHS now kills more people than it saves etc, all available free on this website.)

But leaving the European Union, (Adolf Hitlerís fascist dream of German control), might save the NHS in two ways.

First, when we leave the EU we can get rid of the working time directive which prevents doctors working effectively within the NHS.

The EUís laws about working hours mean that doctors are said to be working when they are on call. And so a doctor who has been on call but sleeping for eight hours has, according to EU law, been working for eight hours. So hospitals have difficulty in providing night time and weekend cover. It is for this reason that small hospitals are being closed. Some administrators are closing busy hospitals because they cannot provide enough staff to care for the patients seeking help.

Second, leaving the EU will reduce the pressure on the NHS created by unlimited immigration.

Mass immigration affects the NHS in several ways.

First, there is the obvious problem caused by the number of people now entitled to NHS care. The result is long waiting times and poor quality of care.

Second, there is the problem that many immigrants do not speak English. As a result, interpreters have to be hired (at enormous expense) and consultations take additional time.

Many of the committed fascists/remainers who support the EU believe that everyone who wants to come to Britain for free health care should be entitled to come and be treated. Nowhere else in Europe offers free State paid for health care, so the UK is a magnet for health tourists who have no interest in Britain other than as a source of free treatment.

And so the NHS is besieged by thousands of foreigners arriving in Britain for free health care. Many want to have their babies on the NHS. Some want cosmetic surgery or sex change operations. A good many want treatment for AIDS. The cost of providing treatment runs into billions. And is one of the reasons why Britons have to wait months or years for essential investigations, treatment or surgery. It is the reason why expensive treatments are often withdrawn.

Those who believe that foreigners are entitled to use the NHS probably donít have friends or relatives who have suffered or died because of NHS shortages. And they probably donít realise that NHS resources are finite.

Leaving the European Union will improve the NHS immeasurably.

It might even save the NHS from a slow, lingering death.

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