Fat Can Be Sexy!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A survey showed that one in four women claims that their sex life has been ruined by unwanted weight.

Around the world, other researchers have produced similar results showing that plump women do not have as much fun in or out of bed as skinny women.

American researchers have shown that overweight women who do manage to lose weight have much better sex lives when they're slimmer.

The odd thing is, however, that surveys of men have shown that they actually prefer plump women!

Given a choice, most men confirm that they'd much rather go to bed with a well-endowed woman with large breasts and a fleshy bottom than with a skinny woman with bony hips and an invisible waist.

Indeed, most men don't just prefer going to bed with plumper women they prefer looking at plumper women too. Pick up any "girlie" magazine at your corner newsagents and you'll see page after page of well-rounded thighs as well as spectacular bosoms.

Skinny women dont stand a look in.

So, what is the explanation?

Why, when most men so clearly prefer rounder, slightly overweight women is it skinny women who have the sensational sex lives?

The answer can be summed up in one word.


Plump women believe that because they are overweight they are bound to be unattractive. They assume that because they have an extra inch or two around their waistlines they are bound to be rejected by men.

Plump women choose clothes that will disguise their figures and bury their ample charms.

They hide in a corner at parties.

This type of attitude is, of course, self-fulfilling.

The fatter woman expects rejection. And, by and large, that is what she gets.

And yet the plain fact is that some of the sexiest women in the world are overweight. Their clothes strain at the seams. And yet they vibrate with sexual electricity.


Because they have confidence.

They know that being bigger just means having more of a good thing. They know that plump women can be fun in bed.

They refuse to smother their shapes with layers of sensible cotton and homely wool.

They dress in clinging silk. They wear bright, attractive colours. They have their hair done. They are flamboyant and full of style. They refuse to wear bulky boring undergarments that look as if they have been designed by shipbuilders and instead they insist on finding flimsy bits of lingerie that make them feel sexy and give them a special confidence in themselves as women.

They may be overweight. And for a hundred and one reasons they may want to lose weight. But they don't allow their weight to ruin their lives.

Tomorrow they may be slimmer. But today they are not and yet they are still going to take life by the scruff of the neck and enjoy it.

Throughout previous centuries, the average red-blooded lusty male has always preferred his women buxom rather than bony.

In primitive societies, it was always fat women who were the most prized. Just look at the drawings on any Stone Age man's wall if you doubt me.

And up until a century or so ago, painters would never dream of immortalising a woman who didn't have a few extra folds of flesh around her waist. You can see the evidence in any art gallery.

In some societies, men have deliberately fattened up their women to make them more attractive. So, for example, women in the harem of the King of Karagwe, were fed on an uninterrupted diet of milk until they were so fat that they couldn't stand upright.

Fat women can be just as sexy as thin women.

All they need to do is show it.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2017

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