Hacked Again!

Vernon Coleman

Apologies to readers of www.vernoncoleman.com who may have had difficulty accessing the website or sending emails.

Hackers from North Korea have done their best to close down the site and prevent my emails getting through.

They were moderately successful for several days and many emails were lost.

I have no idea why the North Koreans were so annoyed, though it is possible that the offenders were using a North Korean address in an attempt to disguise their identity.

Our technical experts and lawyers are alert and watching and will take appropriate action. Interfering with the internet is a criminal offence and the authorities are investigating. Long prison sentences are now given to those who attempt to disrupt the internet.

Meanwhile (and for the future) if you have difficulty getting through to the website (or emails appear to be ignored) please try again.

Again, our apologies.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2017

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