Have the Tories Been Paid to Lose this Election?

Vernon Coleman

A month ago the Tories were a shoe-in to win the election. But slowly, deliberately and vote by vote they have thrown away every advantage they had.

Now, it seems possible that the Prime Minister could have a smaller majority than she had before she called the election!

Worse still, there could be a hung parliament.

Unimaginably, Diane Abbott could be Home Secretary and Jeremy Corbyn could be Prime Minister. The unbelievably awful Thornberry could be Foreign Secretary!

What happened?

Complacency? Arrogance? Stupidity?

Those are possible explanations.

The Tories have certainly made one serious error after another. To describe the Tory campaign as ‘lacklustre’ is being generous.

Taking money from English pensioners and then taxing the same people so that Scottish pensioners wouldn’t lose out was an electoral disaster (though pretty good for the SNP).

Introducing new laws designed to make life harder for small businesses wasn’t exactly a vote winner. (Not even the EU would dare to suggest some of the daft legislation proposed by the Tories.)

May chickening out of a TV debate made her look like a loser.

The dementia tax was madness.

Promises on immigration numbers have been wishy washy to the point of ineffectual.

But there is another, more sinister explanation: what if the Tories have been paid to lose this election?

Sounds mad, I know.

But think about it.

If the Tories lose the election (or have a very slender majority) the EU will benefit enormously. A Labour Government (or a hung Parliament) would probably hand over the £100 billion the eurocrats want us to pay – and which Theresa May says she wouldn’t pay.

And the banks which didn’t want us to leave the EU will also make a fortune.

Currency speculators will make huge profits if the Tories lose.

A Conservative loss could be worth several hundred billion to banks and financiers.

A hung Parliament, with a Government controlled by the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens would destroy Britain’s hopes for a decent exit from Hitler’s dream organisation.

Britain would be destroyed.

But the EU would benefit enormously.

And so would the bankers and hedge fund operators.

So, have the Tories been paid to lose this election?

Doesn’t sound so mad, does it?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2.6.17

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