Health Tourists Will Kill Your Family

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Many of the nutters who are followers of Adolf Hitler and who, therefore, support the EU believe that everyone who wants to come to Britain for free health care should be entitled to come and be treated.

(Ignorant members of the Entitlement Generation do not realise that the European Union was designed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi chums and that the EU as it exists is designed to promote Germanyís interests.)

Lefty liberal luvvies (most of whom donít actually do any work or pay any tax) frequently argue that Britain should welcome everyone who wants to take advantage of the NHS.

We should, they say, be happy to provide cosmetic surgery, AIDS treatments, infertility treatment and obstetrics care for everyone who wants to come.

This is lunacy.

Nowhere else in Europe offers free State paid for health care, and so the UK is a magnet for health tourists who have no interest in Britain other than as a source of free treatment.

Consequently, the NHS is besieged by thousands of foreigners arriving in Britain for free health care.

Many want to have their babies on the NHS.

Some want cosmetic surgery or sex change operations.

A good many want treatment for AIDS.

The cost of providing treatment runs into billions.

And it is one of the reasons why Britons have to wait months or years for essential investigations, treatment or surgery. It is the reason why expensive treatments are often withdrawn.

Those who believe that foreigners are entitled to use the NHS probably donít have friends or relatives who have suffered or died because of NHS shortages. And they probably donít realise that NHS resources are finite.

When thousands of pounds are spent treating a foreign patient then another patient, usually a British patient, must be denied treatment they need.

The fact is that every time our NHS resources are used to treat a foreigner, a British patient will die because he or she has had to wait months for an essential X-ray or because the NHS canít afford to provide vital treatment.

The lefty luvvies who insist that the NHS should provide free care for everyone are directly responsible for thousands of British deaths.

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