Immigration and Racism Ė the Truth

Vernon Coleman

Immigration isnít the problem.

The vast majority of Britons who oppose immigration are not racists. The patriots who voted for Brexit, because of the problems created by immigration, didnít do it because they are racists (though that is the lie which is told so often by the enthusiasts who support the EU and who do not know, perhaps because they donít want to know, that the EU was created by the worldís most determined modern racists Ė the Nazis) but because they are wise enough to realise that a substantial number of immigrants who come to Britain through the auspices of the EU are not coming because they admire our culture, our history or our way of life but for other, largely mercenary, reasons.

And these immigrants do not intend to merge into our society, to be part of our nation. They want to retain their own culture; an attitude which is ungenerous and discourteous in itself.

Moreover, they insist on us adopting their culture and way of life because they believe it to be superior, and the only acceptable way of life.

That is where the racism comes in, for that is a racist attitude.

And it isnít immigration in the way that many Britons emigrated to Australia and became Australians. Or the Irish emigrated to America and became Americans.

But it is an invasion; a subtle but significant act of war.

I donít know why the Remainers donít understand any of this.

But I believe that many of the older Remainers have been bought with money and promises.

And they have persuaded younger Remainers to support the EU with lies and false threats.

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