Why No One Should Listen to Jeff Brazier

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Someone called Jeff Brazier, whose medical qualifications appear to consist of having had a relationship with a reality television personality called Jade Goody, is apparently busily giving vaccine advice to the nation.

Health journalists and television interviewers appear to have been falling over themselves in their eagerness to consult this freshly made medical expert and to publicise his opinions on the HPV vaccine.

Mr Brazier, seemingly awash with experience and training, has apparently claimed that the vaccine would have altered the course of Ms Goodyís cancer.

He is now hoping to raise awareness of the links between HPV and male cancers.

And campaigners want teenage boys to be given the jab too.

Why not? Why not give the damned thing to dogs and cats. That would give the drug company profits a big boost.

In medical terms this is all as logical as beating people with sledgehammers so that their heads end up pulped. The poor bastards wouldnít die of stroke then, would they?

Maybe, when heís finished giving the nation advice on vaccines and cancer, Mr Brazier might like to offer his personal solution for heart disease, stroke and, indeed, death in general.

If Mr Brazier would pause in his vaccine flogging tour to do a little research he would discover that countless thousands of teenage girls have suffered serious illness after being given this bloody vaccine.

The official figures show that over 8,000 girls have had side effects after being given the HPV vaccine. Most of the girls had serious problems Ė requiring hospital treatment or threatening their lives.

As someone who has studied vaccines and vaccination rather closely for half a century, I am confident in suggesting that the real figure will be at least ten times as high as this.

So, thatís at least 80,000 girls whose lives have been ruined by this damned vaccine.

How many of these girls have been killed by this vaccine?

How many have ended up in wheelchairs?

Your guess is as good as mine.

(Though not as good as Mr Brazierís of course for he now appears to be the nationís premier expert on vaccination.)

Hereís another fact: the type of cancer which this jab is alleged to prevent is alleged to kill around 1,000 women a year. Thatís a high estimate.

And, of course, no one (possibly not even Mr Brazier) claims that more than a small proportion of those deaths could be prevented by the vaccine. Indeed, in my view, it is perfectly possible that no more than a handful of deaths are prevented. Or, possibly, none at all.

So, is it possible that the vaccine causes far more serious health damage than the cancer itself?

Well, yes, actually it is. And I would use the word probable rather than possible.

And Iím not surprised to see that in Australia a class action lawsuit has started against the vaccineís manufacturer. Maybe the litigants would like to add Mr Brazierís name to the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the media will doubtless continue to drool over Mr Brazierís opinions on this damned vaccine.

In my opinion any parent who allows their children (male or female) to be given this jab should be locked up and their kids should be taken away from them.

Just an opinion, of course Ė based on over 50 years studying the medical literature.

And why would anyone listen to me? I never even met Jade Goody.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2017

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