How the EU Kills People

Vernon Coleman

The EU is very, very bad for our health.

Many of its policies, dreamt up and imposed upon us by overpaid, unelected eurocrats in Brussels have resulted in death; a lot of deaths; tens of thousands of deaths.

Here are just a few specific examples of ways in which EU policies kill people.

1. The number of people smoking roll-up cigarettes is increasing rapidly. This is a direct result of EU laws. Instead of giving up cigarettes, smokers have merely turned to rolling their own cigarettes. The EUís well-meant but ill-thought out policy has pushed people into smoking much more dangerous products than they smoked before. How many cigarette smokers put filters onto their cigarettes when they roll their own? The real irony is that the EU has given millions of euros to farmers to help them grow cheap tobacco.

2. Laws on rubbish collecting are stressful and probably cause heart attacks and other stress related disorders. But the big health problem is the rise in the number of huge rats in towns and cities. Few cities employ dedicated rat catchers because the job is too dangerous. I know of one city where the last such employee had to retire after developing leptospirosis as a result of a rat bite. He has not been replaced. Rats can and do kill people and this is a growing health problem Ė caused entirely by EU policies.

3. The EUís daft energy policies mean that street lights are often switched off at night Ė or turned so dim that they are worse than useless. The result is that there are far more accidents Ė with far more pedestrians being injured or killed.

4. The EUís agriculture policy means that food prices have soared. Many poorer families, and elderly folk trying to live on pensions, can no longer afford to eat properly. This is entirely the fault of the EUís pro-French farmer policies.

5. Energy prices in the UK have soared to unprecedented levels entirely because of EU rules which have forced us to close down power stations. The result is that 40,000 old people die of the cold every year. The EU is responsible for most of those deaths.

6. EU legislation banning smoking in pubs has led to more and more people drinking at home with booze which they buy at the supermarket. It is, of course, well known that because the booze bought in shops is much cheaper than the booze bought in pubs, people who drink alone tend to drink more.

7. The new EU approved light bulbs are dim and take forever to work. The result is a massive increase in the incidence of accidents in the home. Thousands of old people have tripped and fallen because EU lights meant that they could not see properly. This massive rise in the number of accidents at home has added to the pressure on failing Accident and Emergency services.

8. EU employment legislation means that hospitals no longer provide 24 hour medical cover. Many small hospitals are having to close because the new laws mean that they cannot hire enough doctors and nurses. (Even when they are sleeping but on call, doctors are deemed by the EU to be working.) It is now common for hospitals to have no doctors available at weekends.

9. The same EU employment legislation means that GPs now work the same hours as librarians. It is almost impossible to find a GP at night, at weekends or on bank holidays. The result is increased pressure on hospital departments.

10. The average wait in Accident and Emergency departments in British hospitals is now between four and nine hours. There is no point at all in the Government buying TV ads telling patients to get to hospital quickly if they have a stroke when they may have to wait for nine hours when they get there. (The target waiting time in hospitals is just four hours. Can you imagine a member of the Cabinet waiting four hours to be treated? Do you think Prince William has to sit and wait for four hours if George has earache? Thanks to the EU, more and more people are dying, untreated in British hospitals.)

To all this must, of course, be added the enormous amount of stress created by the immigration policies forced upon us by the EU. And, of course, every country in the EU has shown increased levels of violence (particularly against women) as the number of immigrants against women has soared.

EU immigration policies also have led to a fall in average wages (because those immigrants who are prepared to work are often happy to do so for lower wages)

And EU laws mean that many shops now routinely fire workers who reach the age of 25 and hire younger ones who donít have to be paid so much. For customers this means poorer service in shops and restaurants. (It wonít be long before cafťs will have the automatic self-serve coffee machines which are already popular in petrol stations. Drinks will be served in waxed cardboard containers and customers will be asked to clear their own tables and put their rubbish into the bins provided.) But for the workers who are fired, it often means tragedy and poverty.

The sooner we leave the accursed European Union, the safer we will all be.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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