We Could and Should Leave the EU NOW

Vernon Coleman

The people of Britain want to leave the EU.

We donít want to leave in 2020 or 2030 or 2040. We want to leave now.

There is no need for a lengthy negotiation period.

It is all very simple.

The British people donít care about the single market Ė that is part of the doomed EU project and wonít exist for much longer.

We want to leave the EU. And we want to leave now.

We donít want any more immigrants, migrants or asylum seekers. Most of the immigrants coming into Britain donít want to be part of our society or to share our culture. They hate our society and they loathe our culture. They want to live in ghettoes and they want those ghettoes to grow until there is nothing left of our society or our culture.

We donít want any more 29-year-old children coming into the country and we donít want any more health tourists. The country is full up. Thanks to the EU, England is now the most overcrowded country in Europe. It is doubtful if we will ever be able to recover from the EU experiment.

Thanks entirely to the EU, todayís millenials, the Entitlement Generation, will live out their old age in poverty and misery. They are too poorly educated to understand this and so we need to do what we can to protect the poor dears from a future too vile even for them.

There is absolutely no reason at all why we canít leave the EU now. Immediately. Straight away.

If you leave a job you donít wait years to quit. You might need to give a monthís notice, but you donít hang on for an eternity Ė creating problems and making life difficult for everyone around you.

You go as speedily and as cleanly as you can. You make a clean break.

If the EU decides it doesnít want to sell us any more BMWs or Camembert cheese, we can buy excellent alternatives from the US, Australia, Japan, China and Ireland.

(There is, of course, absolutely no risk of the EU refusing to trade with us. The EU desperately needs to trade with the UK. They sell us far more stuff than we sell them.)

So letís leave Hitlerís dream Superstate now (for the evidence that Hitler designed the EU, see the article entitled "Truths about the EU that Cameron and the BBC don't want you to know" in the politics section of this website) - before a toxic mix of war criminals, bankers and superannuated celebrities (bad losers and enemies of democracy all of them) can delay things with their tantrums and their whingeing.

The EU, now in its dying days, will miss us a damned sight more than we will miss it.

We want to leave NOW.

So letís stop messing about and get out today.

And letís remind Mrs May that if she wants to win the next election she will do what the British people want Ė and leave the EU immediately.

Britain is not run by a rancid mixture of Z list celebrities, war criminals and rabid Scottish nationalists but by the people of Britain.

And we decided, quite clearly and emphatically, that we want to leave the EU.

Not in 2020, not in 2030 and not in 2040, but NOW.

Why are we waiting?

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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