Shut Up Liberal Luvvies

Vernon Coleman

Am I the only person who is fed up with rich celebrities sharing their Ďliberalí views on immigration, demonising patriotism and espousing globalisation, world government and the glories of Adolf Hitlerís European Union?

Liberal luvvies never have to wait a year for hospital treatment. They never have to watch their kids struggle at a school where no one else speaks English. They donít have to worry about rising taxes (in any case many of them avoid this hazard by using tax avoidance schemes). And they donít have to sort their own rubbish and put it into nine separate plastic containers.

Shut up liberal luvvies.

Itís OK for immature 18-year-olds to believe in socialism.

But sensible grown-ups usually grow out of it as they learn a little about the real world.

Socialism and communism never ever provide the good times they promise.

That, sadly, is a real fact of life.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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