Macron – Helping to Keep the Nazi Dream Alive

Vernon Coleman

The new French President, Macron, celebrated his recent win to the sound of Ode to Joy – the EU’s anthem.

And Macron’s first action was to announce a centralised tax and spend account for the EU – a new Finance Ministry for Hitler’s dream: the United States of Europe.

If the new President has his way, France will soon disappear completely – lost in the new European superstate.

The Nazis who created the EU must be pinching themselves – unable to believe their luck. The loathsome Macron, a former banker, has sold his country to the Nazi legacy.

Well, actually, he hasn’t sold it. He’s given it away.

British Remainers must now be grateful to those of us who chose to leave the EU. The Liberal Democrats and war criminals such as Blair should be bowing down to the UKIP members who worked so hard to win the Brexit vote.

Only the most fascist of the Remainers will still support the EU; and they will doubtless be practising their ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes.

I wonder if French voters will realise what’s happening.

If they don’t then the ghosts of Adolf Hitler and his evil chums will be dancing for joy (to the sound of Ode to Joy).

Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust, was the publisher of ‘The Reich Plan for the Domination of Europe’ (a precursor of the Treaty of Rome) and it was Herman Goering who created the name ‘European Economic Community’ (the original name for the European Union).

When Hitler realised he was losing the War, he designed the EU – an evil plan to ensure that Germany won the peace.

The Nazis who devised the EU will be enjoying one wet dream after another now that Macron has handed them France on a plate.

Macron, as smarmy a little git as ever stood on the top step, is a traitor to France and to all those Britons and Americans who gave their lives defending France against the Nazis.

Meanwhile, we should ask ourselves how it came about that Macron ended up in the Elysee Palace.

A few weeks ago, the polls showed that the French were even more anti-EU than the British. A vast majority wanted to exist the EU, leave the euro and reclaim the French Franc.

The EU was in full panic mode. If the French had chosen to leave the EU then the eurocrats would have been out of work – unemployed, unwanted on voyage or anywhere else.

But on election night, the French voters chose a man who wants France to disappear still further into the maw of the evil European Union.

Puzzling, eh?

Am I the only person on the planet who is just a tad suspicious of this unbelievable result?

Surely, there couldn’t have been a fiddle?

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