Drinking Cows’ Milk Can Kill

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Milk has a tremendous reputation as a healthy food. The consumption of milk has been rising steadily for decades. But that reputation is hardly deserved.

Here are three health reasons why I don’t think you should drink cows’ milk (or give it to children). Cows’ milk is a drink which is really only suitable for calves.

1) Milk contains fat which can clog up your arteries and increase your chances of having a heart attack. Amazingly, most people still seem to drink milk which contains lots of fat — instead of the much healthier, low fat skimmed and semi-skimmed varieties.

2) Cows’ milk can cause allergies and digestive troubles. Eczema, asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome and sinus problems are just five of the common disorders believed to be associated with drinking milk.

3) Most worrying is the fact that some farmers give their cows drugs and hormones to increase their profits. What effect will these drugs and hormones have on you and your family? I don’t know. And I don’t think anyone else knows either.

Even more worrying is the modern trend to drink raw milk.

Raw milk is milk which has not been pasteurised (heat treated) and which is therefore likely to contain infective organisms.

Just why anyone would want to drink contaminated milk is beyond me.

Pasteurisation (which consists of heating the milk) eliminates dangerous bugs which are often highly dangerous.

It will, for example, kill the bovine tuberculosis infection which is now so commonplace in dairy herds. (Farmers still blame badgers for TB in cows – but in reality TB is common in cattle because of the way cattle are often kept in overcrowded conditions.)

Just about all the world’s experts have concluded that drinking raw milk is stupid. (They are more tactful than that, of course. But ‘stupid’ is what they mean.)

There are few if any nutritional differences between pasteurised milk and raw milk. It should be noted that milk of any kind is of very little nutritional value.

The sale of raw milk is banned in Scotland (it was banned some years ago after a number of deaths).

But it is, for some crazy reason, legal in England and Wales.

Our lives are controlled are by a zillion laws.

But it is legal to sell unpasteurised milk – and to give it to children.


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