The NHS Now Spends More on Lawyers than Doctors

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Greedy lawyers (and unhappy patients) are destroying what is left of the NHS.

The NHS is now spending almost half its entire budget on compensation payments and legal costs.

Over the last year or two the money spent on compensation has rocketed.

Just two years ago, the NHS spent 31 billion on legal fees and costs. (That was a mere one third of the NHS budget).

But the figure has now risen dramatically.

Who is to blame?

Its easy to blame greedy lawyers.

But the NHS loses 76% of all the cases which are taken to court. And it pays out billions in compensation without even trying to provide a legal defence.

So it is clear that it isnt just greedy lawyers who are to blame.

The real problem is incompetence.

Doctors and nurses working for the NHS are providing a rotten service.

Errors are made so often that anyone who sees a GP or ventures into an NHS hospital is taking their life in their hands.

The time has come to put the NHS out of its misery.

The nation would save money and the citizens healthier if everyone in Britain were given free, private medical insurance.

The NHS has been a disaster for years.

The latest figures, showing that it now spends more on lawyers than on doctors, proves that the time has come to close it down.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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