Why Should We Pay One Penny to Leave Hitlerís One Remaining Concentration Camp? We Demand the EU Pay Us £250 billion When We Quit

Vernon Coleman

Why should we pay to leave the European Union? Why should we pay a penny to quit?

EU staffers want us to give them £60 billion to leave Hitlerís one remaining concentration camp.

Stuff that.

We donít need to give them one penny in severance.

Indeed, if money is going to change hands then the EU should pay us for all the damage the wretched organisation has done to our economy and our culture.

Looking after immigrants forced upon us by the EU will cost us at least £100 billion in NHS bills alone.

Providing benefit payments for immigrants who donít want to work will cost us another £100 billion.

And sorting out the legal mess their daft rules has created will cost another £50 billion.

So, even if we donít charge them damages for the chaos caused by stupid EU laws about light bulbs and cucumbers, they are still on the hook for at least £250 billion. (And weíll have that in sterling, please: a proper currency. Not their toy town euro stuff.)

If they make a fuss about paying our bill then weíll bill them for cultural losses. And weíll charge them for the stress of EU membership.

Thatíll be at least another £250 billion.

Thatís the bottom line.

We arenít paying the EU to leave the damned club.

We will demand that they pay us at least £250 billion in the divorce settlement.

And weíll take it in cash, please.

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