2017 Ė The Revolution Continues

Dr Vernon Coleman

I really donít understand why so many commentators didnít see how and why Trump would win the US Presidential campaign.

Nearly every political commentator (to be honest, every single one I read, I am just allowing for the possibility that there might have been one or two who went against the crowd) argued cogently that Trump had no chance and would be destroyed in the polls.

In London, the Financial Times became as hysterical in its opposition to Trump as it had been in its opposition to Brexit.

How, how, how could all these people fail to see that honest citizens everywhere are angry?

Oligarchs now run our world, and the good people are tired and angry and disappointed and disgruntled and frustrated. These people arenít the sort to go out and smash shop windows or throw stones at policemen Ė those are pastimes favoured by the rancid liberal left and the more rumbustious members of the Entitlement Generation.

So the good, hard-working people voted for Brexit and for Trump. It was a protest vote.

Trump won because he frightened the establishment. He scared the living daylights out of the sort of people who write for the Financial Times and the Washington Post.

And people wanted to scare some of the hubris out of the establishment.

The voters canít make things right by themselves. They canít thug the awful few who rule the world.

But they were as pleased as Punch to see someone else scare the arrogant, the pompous, the dishonest, the incompetent politicians and bankers. In America it was Trump. In the UK it was Farage. They are, without a doubt, the two most popular politicians in the world today.

And this revolutionary process will continue everywhere in 2017.

The revolution is not over yet. Indeed, it is only just beginning.

People arenít all pessimists; they arenít all cynics and they donít all want to burn and destroy. But they are angry and they feel betrayed (they know they have been betrayed) and they want someone to be honest and to at least acknowledge their existence, their rights and the truth.

The one thing of which I am certain is that 2017 will see the establishment continuing to take a hit. The bloodless revolution has started.

And 2016 was just the beginning.

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