Don't Waste Public Money Protecting Politicians

After flour was thrown at Tony Blair in the House of Commons the Government has decided to spend over a billion pounds a year protecting MPs.

Politicians are now to get 24 hour armed police guards, bullet proof screens will be thrown up at inconvenient points around the House Of Commons (thereby isolating politicians still further from the people who elected them) and politicians' homes are to be fitted with CCTV systems and panic buttons. In a bizarre and outrageous breach of our freedom visitors have been banned from the House of Commons chamber. Armed police now patrol the area around the Palace of Westminster.

Why is all this public money being wasted on protecting a bunch of useless layabouts? I can think of millions of people who are more valuable to the nation than all our politicians put together.

Politicians who can't take being covered in flour occasionally, really shouldn't be in politics at all.

The truth is that our politicians have, by voting to take us to war, put us all at risk.

Politicians should remember that the public didn't want to start a religious war. It was Blair, and members of the House of Commons, who decided to support America's indefensible, illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

Politicians now want us to pay the price for protecting them. And they want to remove our remaining freedoms and rights in the process.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004