Fact 1: SARS is known to be a variation on the common cold virus.

Fact 2: Genetic engineers have been `playing around with' the common cold virus for years.

Question 1: Could SARS have escaped from a genetic engineering laboratory? Or could it have been deliberately released?

Question 2: What sort of patients is SARS killing? Common or garden flu is a common killer. But it mainly kills the elderly or the sick. Are those the people most likely to die from SARS?

Question 3: Why is SARS being described as 'very infectious' when it is clearly not? (if it was 'very infectious' it would by now have infected millions not thousands.)

Question 4: Is SARS as big a threat as pneumonia?

Question 5: Why do news organisations seem obsessed with SARS when they consistently ignore the threat of TB - a persistent, long-term major killer? Why do they seem determined to spread panic and confusion rather than facts?

Question 6: Why isn't anyone else asking these questions?

I have been warning for 20 years that infectious diseases would come back in a big way. (The medical profession had, bizarrely, decided that infections were no longer much of a threat in so-called 'developed' countries.) There is more general information about infectious diseases, and specific information about how to boost your immune system and protect yourself from infectious disease, in my book 'Superbody'. (See shop for details).