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The FDA's draft working list of possible covid vaccine side effects (see page 16 of document). This was published in October 2020 BEFORE the jab roll-out began.
Draft working list

Proof that covid-19 was downgraded in March 2020

How many people are the vaccines killing? (We first started warning about the side effects of the covid-19 jabs in November 2020)

FREE pdf book to download on the dangers of face masks

The transcript of Vernon Coleman's shocking video called: "The Money's Gone!" (it explains why your government wants you dead)

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Covid Inquiry – Misses the Point

Animals Have Better Survival Instincts than Humans

Do not resuscitate

Bodypower: An introduction to self-healing

Passing observations 256

Bilbury Chronicles Audiobook 75% Discount until 21st July 2024

Summer Reading to Help You Escape

Passing observations 255

The woke

Passing observations 254

Dr Bullock’s Annals – Diary of a Victorian Doctor

Labour Won the UK Election with 20% of the Possible Vote

Passing observations 253

How Gordon Brown's target culture destroyed Britain

Net Zero will Destroy You, Your Family and Everything You Love

Passing observations 252

Passing observations 251

Twenty years ago the Labour Party destroyed Britain's health service

How an angry woman committed murder and got away with it

BBC Apologises for Broadcasting Fact

Passing observations 250

Everyone working for Google, YouTube, Facebook and the BBC is a conspiracy theorist

Listen to your body

This is your future

The world of social credit just got much closer

Passing observations 249

Coming soon: more tests, masks, lockdowns and vaccines

Who the devil was it?

How women doctors...

What I learned from our 1957 Bentley

The end of cricket

Passing observations 248

Meat causes cancer - the evidence

The covid genocide unravels

Solving every E.coli outbreak mystery

Saving time in extra time

Passing observations 247

Solar engineering - aka solar radiation management

Vernon Coleman's latest video - out now!

Side effects with fashionable weight loss drug

David Lammy

Do not resuscitate

Passing observations 246

Today’s GPs are Lazy, not Overworked – Here’s the Proof

The danger of electricity

Whatever happened to newspapers?

Why are we waiting?

Passing observations 245

Why no-one wants to win Britain's general election

Animals deal with sickness better than humans do (part 2)

Animals deal with sickness better than humans do

The transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video

The fraud of the menopause

Passing observations 244

Dr Vernon Coleman's latest video called: 'The Money's Gone!' is out now!

Passing observations 243


The `Epidemic’ of Diabetes was Predicted, Deliberate and Avoidable

What is the Royal Society of Arts' Policy on Truth and Free Speech?

When oxygen kills

An epidemic of medical errors

Old Man in an Old Car - out now!

Passing observations 242

Never trust a psychiatrist

Passing observations 241

Facemasks are coming back - as I warned two weeks ago

A Population control plan?

They want to kill you - here's how they'll do it (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest shocking video)

Uncomfortable covid truths

They want to kill us (by Dr Jack King)

Vaccination against whooping cough

Passing observations 240

'Grovelling apologies from BBC, YouTube and Google'

Our freedom has gone - probably forever

Passing observations 239

FREE pdf book to download on the dangers of face masks

The medical establishment is nearly always wrong

Urgent Message

Passing observations 238

What has the covid vaccine done to the brains of the jabbed?

Doctors who insist on providing only phone or internet consultations are dangerous fools and should be fired

Passing observations 237

Anyone over 60, disabled, chronically ill or poor will probably be dead by 2030

Passing observations 236

Passing observations 235

In 49 years, we've learned nothing

Doctors do more harm than good

Here's what happens when a child starves to death (as in Gaza)

Passing observations 234

How to stop your doctor killing you

Passing observations 233

Vaccine truths from the Medicine Men - published 1975

Now they're offering doctor assisted suicide to children

Passing observations 232

Only you can stop euthanasia

Bad Medicine

Urgent Message: It’ll be too late to fight this threat when you are dead

Passing observations 231

The Awakening of Dr Amelia Leighton

They want to kill you - here's how they'll do it

At least two thirds of tests and investigations ordered by doctors...

Passing obervations 230

The shocking story of my Dad's death

The Oil is Running Out: Your Personal Survival Plan

Nuclear war is coming (first broadcast March 2023)

Is this our future?

How drug companies deceive doctors

Warning about YouTube

Patients hold first ever national strike

Passing Observations 229

Animal experiments: illogical, unscientific and pointless

Review of `The Great Covid Panic’ by Colin M Barron

Passing observations 228

Conspiracies, Cancer, Chemotherapy and Kate

How Drug Companies Control Doctors

Improve Your Wordpower (Part Two)

All sudden, unexplained, deaths are covid vaccine deaths unless proved otherwise

Medicines can be among our greatest curses

Working on the mind

Genetic Research is Too Dangerous and Should be Stopped

Long Covid: Another successful Fraud

We are all Palestinians now

The collaborators will kill us all

Prediction made in August 2020

Joe Biden's White House wants to ban my book

How doctors have betrayed patients

America - at war with the world

Soon there will be no farms (it's part of their "Terrifying Plan")

British MPs are Wrong – the Dangers of the Covid Vaccine were exposed in December 2020, not February 2021

Doctors and Nurses can kill anyone over 70. Soon they’ll be allowed to kill anyone over 50. And then…

We can force a public debate about the covid fraud

I warned that the covid jab would damage the brain back in 2021. Everyone laughed. No one is laughing now

Medical Research Should Stop Now (And We Should Use What We Know)

The Drug Industry’s Aggressive Reputation Began with Pfizer in the 1950s and 1960s

Help me Prove to the World that Governments Faked a Disease, Faked a Test and Faked a Remedy

We should embrace nuclear power - it's the only sensible option

Passing observations 227

Here's how they are forcing us to stay prisoners in our homes

Climbing trees at 112 years of age

The underestimated power of the placebo

Note re Piers Morgan and censorshop

New Book - Vernon Coleman's Dictionary of Old English Words and Phrases

Alzheimer's Disease and the myths about dementia

Bodypower - the secret of self-healing

Please visit our bookshop

This is the end (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video)

Passing observations 226

Passing observations 225

Passing observations 224

Passing observations 223

Passing observations 222

Drinking tap water could kill you (or worse)

Passing observations 221

Passing observations 220

Anyone supporting Israel is supporting genocide and should be arrested

Royal Society of Arts expelled me...

Passing observations 219

Vernon Coleman's dictionary of Old English words and phrases

If the covid jab was a trial run...

Is this the beginning of the end - the year the conspirators have been preparing for?

Medical establishment puzzled - why are so many pregnant women dying?

Passing observations 218

My video story: banned, suppressed and blocked

Twelve truths everyone should know but no-one else will tell you (transcript of video)

How women doctors destroyed...

Passing observations 217

The hottest year ever and other surprising stuff

Doctors who insist on providing only...

Christmas presents for everyone

Our Christmas break

Now available - Mrs Caldicot's Omnibus edition

A 35-year-old prediction

The richest are leaving the country

Covid-19 and vaccination horrors

Prescription drugs: Is nothing new?

Does Israel really believe all humane, caring, intelligent individuals are...

Worst thing of all

Taking prescription medicine safely

Now available - Mrs Caldicot's Omnibus edition

Covid-19 - How they used lies to terrify millions

Gaza - hidden truths

Doctors are planning an entirely new form of health care

Passing observations 216

Stuff the BBC might have forgotten to mention

Coleman's first law of medicine

Israel, Jews and anti-semitism

Passing observations 215

Mainstream media - blinkered, complacent and hypocritical

How many patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are really suffering from B12 deficiency?

Is your operation really necessary?

A mother's covid revenge

Doctors, patients, pharmacists and prescribing

Bigger breasts without surgery

Passing observations 214

Four books about Mrs Caldicot (Cabbage War fame)

Know Yourself

Blatant discrimination in health care

Screening for breast cancer

Passing observations 213

Why Israel REALLY invaded Gaza - the shocking truth behind the genocide

Genetically altered food - beware

Vital stuff you might not know

Balancing the books - extract

Israeli soldiers find these items in Gaza hospital

Criticising Israel is NOT the same as criticising Jews

A dozen little known but prolific Wikipedia editors

British Medical Association

It's not anti-semitism you moronic, evil bastards

World Economic Forum stripped naked

Ten dieting excuses

Passing observations 212

Wicked, wicked doctors

Anastrozole - Here we go again

Tasters and Teasers

Passing observations 211

The Benzodiazepine letters (taken from 'The Benzos Story')

More Than Enough

Show me the way to go home

Bucket Lists

Think about this...

Everlasting wars

More heartfelt thoughts on Gaza

Bookshop on

Israel: A rogue nation practising the worst genocide the world has seen for 75 years

Listen to your body

When free speech ended

UK Government's covid-19 inquiry - frightened of the truth

Truth Teller: The Price - The Introduction

All 15 of The Young Country Doctor Bilbury books are available in paperback and on ebooks

New War Order

How ruthless censorship hid the covid genocide (the transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video)

How today's doctors are killing their patients

How and when doctors learned to kill

This deadly disease is commoner than doctors think - and frequently missed.

Are you consumed by fear?

The Secret History of the Cabal

How to keep your heart healthy

Their Terrifying Plan

Why you should never eat another meal

Stop press news

Should you get a second opinion?


Are you suffering from toxic stress?

Why women won't live longer than men in the future

Why women live longer than men

A Mother's Covid Revenge

Coleman's 4th Law of Medicine: Health screening and check-ups do more harm than good

Here's proof those summer fires were arson - not climate change

Passing observations 210

Peter Mark Roget (1779-1969)

Notice re

Conquer heart disease without pills or surgery

Passing observations 209

Surgery: What patients must know

How drug companies cheat, lie and deceive

A Needle for a Needle: A mother's covid revenge

Coleman's 2nd Law of Medicine: tests are useless unless the results will affect your treatment

How to survive the future

How IBS can affect your heart

How to save the NHS

Dieting Myths

GPs kill retail but hospitals kill wholesale

Passing observations 208

Passing observations 207

They don't want us to travel anywhere

Dr Mohammad Adil still needs your help

Passing observations 206

The collaborators will kill us all (full transcript of video)

Passing observations 205

The collaborators will kill us all

Passing observations 204

The truth about the Germ Theory controversy

Passing observations 203

The 10 biggest and most dangerous lies (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video on Bitchute)

Latest on lockdowns: The Royal Society is wrong

Why I'm ashamed of the medical profession

Truth about holistic medicine

Passing observations 202

Learn to know yourself

Vernon Coleman's new video

Passing observations 201

Have Sridhar and Spring apologised yet?

Laws about dogs

Shock - scientists prove clear differences between covid and flu

Passing observations 200

Dishonesty in medical research

Chemotherapy: Fruadulent and deadly?

When progress isn't progress at all

Ten solid gold reasons why I despise drug company employees

The shocking story of the Trans Pacific Partnership

Their terrifying plan - unmasking the globalists

Like I need a hole in the head...

Passing observations 199

Passing observations 198

Passing observations 197

Watch Fall of the Cabal part 27

Passing observations 196

Why women with breast cancer should avoid...

The awakening of Dr Amelia Leighton

Bodypower: the secret of self-healing

Passing observations 195

The Medicine Men

Twenty things you must do in Paris

Passing observations 194

A doctor's challenge to the BMA

'Their Terrifying Plan'

The startling truth about vaccination...

My first operation

Passing observations 193

The UK is the home of censorship

How they are destroying millions of lives

Learn to know yourself

Hospitals aren't safe for the sick

Passing observations 192

Application form for a job with the BBC

Betrayal of trust

NATO: The most evil organisation on earth?

Passing observations 191

Everyone in Nato is a war criminal

Does Boris Johnson now want to be US President?

Passing observations 190

The benzodiazepine evidence

An epidemic of state sanctioned euthanasia

Passing observations 189

Passing observations 188

BMA joins Vernon Coleman in attacking the GMC

Passing observations 187

The Lancet and the drug industry

Passing observations 186

Deadly covid jab will kill more than will die in the Ukraine

Passing observations 185

Have you ever wondered why the sky is so full of chemtrails?

President John F Kennedy - Murderer, cheat, crook and general fraudster

Passing observations 184

Hidden truths about the war in Ukraine

The secret behind re-wilding

Passing observations 183

Just stop oil nutters

Diabetes epidemic caused by covid-19 jab

Report condemning cricket is over-woke and could create problems

Watch Fall of the Cabal part 27

High blood pressure can be controlled without drugs

Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer Has Promised to Push Up Fuel Prices and Kill Loads of People

Passing observations 182

Passing observations 181

Does NATO want Russia to nuke London?

Passing observations 180

In future no-one will dare speak out

I was right to warn about soaring inflation and interest rates

Passing observations 179

The social credit nightmare is NOW on your street

Ten ways Antoinette will know I've gone potty

Passing observations 177

Do not resuscitate

Why the cost of oil, gas and electricity will continue to rise

Facts about covid

Passing observations 178

Lockdowns: The final analysis

Only idiots are still wearing face masks

How to conquer arthritis

Passing observations 176

How you can stop your doctor killing you

Is the W.H.O. the Terrorist Wing of the U.N.? (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video)

My submission to Covid-19 public enquiry

BBC verify team - frightened of the truth?

Crooks, liars, deceivers, war criminals and more

Passing observations 175

Send Aldi back to Germany

Despatches from the front line

Passing observations 174

Passing observations 173

Do they want you to stop drinking milk and eat grasshoppers instead?

Passing observations 172

Passing observations 171

Passing observations 170

A Scary story

Can you control your high blood pressure

Questions and Answers No. 1

The single decision which destroyed health care

Ukraine war - there are just four options

Scary Truths

Passing observations 169

Vernon Coleman challenges entire BBC Verify Team

Passing observations 168

The whooping cough vaccine

Commenest lies told by climate change psychos

Dishonesty in medical research

Stuff you need to know about money

Passing observations 167

BBC linked (via Bill Gates) to Jeffrey Epstein

The story of Henry Mulligan

You probably won't learn any of this from the BBC, YouTube or other pro-conspiracy propaganda sites

Natural pain control: overcoming persistent and recurrent pain

Passing observations 166

Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer

Passing observations 165

Finding a doctor is going to get easier but when you've found one she won't actually be a doctor

Passing observations 164

Insane is now the new normal

Passing observations 163

How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy

Passing observations 162

Eating meat is as bad for you as smoking

Here's how you can help save 140 million lives today

If you live in Britain it's time consider emigrating

You may find this hard to believe but it's all true

Passing observations 161

WHO ends the covid hoax with the biggest lie of all

All 15 Bilbury books are available in paperback and ebook versions

Christians under fire

A bigger problem than climate change - and much scarier

Climate change whingers aren't just idiots - they're psychos and murderers

Alzheimer's - a very profitable, oversold disease

Passing observations 160

We are stalked by evil

Truths that should terrify the life out of you

Know how you can measure your pain

The EU is buying Russian oil again

The awakening of Dr Amelia Leighton

A bank, a 93-year-old woman and the end of civilisation as we know it

No one except the globalists will be allowed to grow old

Passing observations 159

The end of cash is terrifyingly close - why don't people care?

Advice for IBS sufferers

Globalists and the EU are now deliberately starving Africans

Passing observations 158

Inflation isn't going away - it's going to get worse

How to conquer arthritis

Here's why cowardly doctors didn't dare stand up and tell the truth about covid and the jab

Natural pain control: overcoming persistent and recurrent pain

The covid jabs have created millions of zombies

Shocking truths about your money (part 2 of 2)

Shocking truths about your money (part 1 of 2)

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War - the play

Is the BBC the most corrupt broadcaster in the world?

Scarcely believable but achingly true

The ten dirtiest and most offensive words in the English language

Passing observations 157

If you have a smart phone you're about to become its prisoner

This is Orwell's eternal war

Don't use YouTube

What to do with the greens

High blood pressure CAN be controlled without drugs

Why is failure now so rewarded

Join us in the village of Bilbury

Passing observations 156

Dementia myths

NHS: What is wrong and how to put it right

You are not alone

Your home will become a stranded asset

Korsgaard publishing

Mr Henry Mulligan

Here's how they tricked people into wanting to work at home

Passing observations 155

A most uncomfortable truth

A ban is a ban is a ban

Think about this...

Passing observations 154

Essential escapes

BBC news: sample running order

World War III update (3rd April 2023)

Truths the mainstream media forgot to mention about the energy crisis

I know and can prove what is causing sudden death syndrome

There has been a global coup (part three)

All covid jab deaths are murder or suicide

There has been a global coup (part two)

Passing observations 153

There has been a global coup (part one)

What could possibly go wrong?

Now they're taking the piss

How to conquer backache

Passing observations 152

Chips under your skin

Is the General Medical Council just an enforcer for the drug industry?

Join Vernon Coleman on Bitchute - and receive notifications of new videos

Passing observations 151

Help for anyone with IBS or stomach problems

Nuclear war is coming!

The CIA, the FBI and their bots and the mainstream media claim that covid-19...

Half price audio offer

Is it me or has the world gone mad?

How inflation destroys savings

From bank crash to digital currency and 15 minute cities

Know yourself

Passing observations 150

Challenge to Ara Darzi

Passing observations 149

Sale of the century

Money, money, money

World War III Update (17th March 2023)

Rational thoughts in an irrational world

How to relax and overcome stress

World War III Update (15th March 2023)

Passing observations 148

The Young Country Doctor Book 1: Bilbury Chronicles

Irrepressible truths

There will be no war if...

World War III update (March 13th 2023)

Is the BBC corrupt or simply dangerous?

The real inflation figure in the UK is now over 35%

Georgia is the next Ukraine

Was covid made in a lab?

Passing observations 147

World War III update (10 March 2023)

Personal Note

Know Yourself

Passing observations 146

Dirty big secrets

Have you seen this video?

Biden, Sunak, Marcron, Trudeau et al are all leading us into nuclear war

Mainstream media at work


World War III Update (7 March 2023)

Who could have possibly done such a thing?

A message to the jabbed - new video

A message to the jabbed (transcript of video)

How Gordon Brown helped destroy the NHS

Vernon Coleman's latest video

Hungry Broke Dead (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video)

Passing observations 145

The madness never ends

Anaesthetics: Why you are in great danger

ESG - a potent force for evil

Uncovered secrets

A prediction from 1988

Passing observations 144

Books to help you understand and fight the Great Reset

British war criminal demands digital ID for all citizens

Grain from Ukraine is being used to feed pigs not people

More stuff the BBC and YouTube may have forgotten to tell you

These are the real reasons why cancer rates are soaring

Hospitals are deliberately blocking their own beds

Frankenstein's monster is back with Dr Colin Barron

Do you want a superbody?

How many billion could the covid-19 vaccine kill or damage? (first published August 12 2020)

Alice's Diary and other cat books available in paperback

Passing observations 143

How I hope to survive the NHS's latest attempt to kill me

We should welcome global warming

Nations are taking sides - as World War III continues unnoticed

The last time I was allowed to talk about vaccines on mainstream radio

Passing observations 142

Banned by The People newspaper

Passing observations 141

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies

Urgent warning for everyone (transcript of Vernon Coleman's shocking new video)

More eminent experts to be banned by youtube and google?

Genetic research - a warning from 1977

Passing observations 140

Vaccine truths -from The Medicine Men (published 1975)

The end of cash - coming very soon

The story of the Medicine Men (1975) - the book that changed my life

Passing observations 139

Most of the jabbed will die early

Ten symptoms associated with covid-19 and ten symptoms associated with the covid-19 jab

Thoughts on vaccination

Passing observations 138

Passing observations 137

The world is far more corrupt than you feared

Covid jabs: Unspeakable truths

Madness is infectious: There's an epidemic of it

Promoters and supporters of the covid jabs should be in prison

Stuff the BBC forgot to tell you

Mending the NHS: stop paying doctors extra to give vaccinations

World War III has officially started

Doctors want you to do tests and investigations at home

What went wrong with the NHS

AIDS - The true story

Proof UK Government is (as predicted) deliberately pushing up fuel prices

We're heading for nuclear war

They want your money AND your life

The truth behind the lies

Passing observations 136

Murdered for her bed (transcript of Vernon Coleman's video)

Non English footballers are guilty of...

Scary truths about doctors

You couldn't make it up

The twelve biggest conspiracy theories

12 things doctors know but won't tell you

Here's how the UK Government is killing the elderly

Living in a fascist country

The green energy fraud

Passing observations 135

Plastic bags - the startling official truth

The peer review system is worthless and dangerous

Betrayal of trust

Masks never went away - now they're back big time

Sorting recycling is playing the conspirators' game

Happy Christmas to all readers and viewers

Is this Sir Klaus Schwab's Christmas message?

What's going to happen in 2023? (transcript of Vernon Coleman's video)

Proof that face masks do more harm than good

Tying it all together (transcript of Vernon Coleman's video)

Dr Colin Barron has a brilliant new video out

More Christmas books

Relief from IBS (Revised edition)

Beware: Gordon is still a moron and he's back

Prince Harry's Christmas message

The end of Royal Mail and daily postal deliveries?

Why demonstrating nurses who wear uniforms in the street are reckless and lethal

Crooks, murderers and idiots

Meghan and Harry: Is a dangerous folie a deux helping the conspirators?

A nurses' strike will murder thousands

How will anyone know if GPs go on strike?

Long covid - another successful fraud

What's the covid jab doing to the recipient's brain?

They're going to starve and freeze us all to death (first published 1st July 2020)

The jabbed are seriously at risk of developing cancer

Sack all GPs now to save lives

Why did the mainstream media suppress the news about doctors giving covid jabs to babies and infants?

Insanity and hypocrisy are now endemic

A third of all jobs will disapper by 2030 - how safe is your job?

The truth about the Strep A scare

Were these coordinated strikes planned by conspirators

We're all stuffed. If you live in Britain you're very stuffed

Racism is a weapon in the push towards the Great Reset

Christmas books

Dementia is not the same as Alzheimer's

Watch Dr Colin Barron's brilliant new video

My NHS book a staggering success - thank you!

Curing the NHS

Vernon Coleman: What the papers said (before March 2020)

Chemotherapy: The scary, staggering truth about the chemotherapy fraud

Struggling to survive in a world of unceasing madness

Did you vote totalitarianism?

Germany, Konrad Adenauer the EU and the Nazis

Universal darkness is coming our way fast

Covid-19 jabs - Never before have we been in so much danger (video transcript)

Vernon Coleman's new video

Climate change is a malicious, dangerous myth

Why I think the The Spectator magazine whould be ashamed

Incontestable proof that covid-19 jabs are a dangerous, reckless fraud and more dangerous than the disease

If you want the truth about the recession in the UK

Outside looking in

No heroes, plenty of villains

Burn before reading

Dr Colin Barron is back

NHS: What is wrong and how to put it right in one hour

Toxic stress - a deadly epidemic

Covid-19 - How the greatest crime in history unfolded

Your government is your enemy

Covid-19 jabs - a fraud and a scandal

Only God can help us now

They're deliberately destroying Britain - will the zombies ever wake up?

The video that first exposed the covid-19 fraud

Passing observations 134

Medical tests are useless unless the results will affect your treatment

Vaccines - the suppression of the truth

What's happening to your money?

The fake Long Covid plague

One jab to stop you getting the flu and the other jab to stop you getting the other flu

News about Vernon Coleman's videos

My first operation

The conspirators, the collaborators and the cultists are laughing at us

The world isn't just running out of oil, but it is also running out of just about all natural resources

Everything is now going to get much worse

Things are never going back to normal

Truss mugged millions of pensioners who will now live and die in abject poverty

It's all about the oil running out

This is what's going to happen next

Tighten your belt: you are in for a very bumpy ride

How to keep your immune system strong

Passing observations 133

If you're taking a prescribed drug you must read this

Now we know: the conspirators want World War III

Like I need a hole in the head

Pro-vax enthusiasts are a serious threat to public health

Doctors are allowed to kill you if you can't manage your own housework and shopping

Passing observations 132

Hospitals are not suitable places for sick people (if you must go into one you should get out as quickly as possible

Why the cost of oil, gas and electricity will go up and up

Banned covid-19 book available in paperback and e-book

Why infectious diseases are a huge problem (again)

Passing observations 131

I reckon the covid-19 jab has lowered the average IQ by 20 points

Things the BBC forgot to mention

Everything that is going wrong was planned by the conspirators

Don't ask me to cheer the doctors who are now speaking out about the covid-19 jabs

How advertisers create toxic stress

GPs kill retail but hospitals kill wholesale

Passing observations 130

How much do you know about vaccination?

Care home and hospital patients are routinely drugged without their knowledge - and it's perfectly legal

Britain is now officially a Third World country

Energy hypocrisy and stupidity

Covid-19: The greatest hoax in history

High blood pressure can be reduced without drugs

Passing observations 129

If you're over 50 your government wants you dead

Passing observations 128

Wikipedia fined for misinformation

Why and how the conspirators are winning the war for our freedom and our souls

Do you have too much stuff?

Vaccine truths

Iatrogenic disease - the secret epidemic

Where to find Vernon Coleman's videos

How doctors and nurses betrayed patients and themselves

How to understand your medical notes

Predictions for the coming winter

Passing observations 127

It's time to get rid of the royals

Where have all the videos gone?

Slavery is born of socialism

The EU was created by Nazis

Who said 'Deprive them all of food and water'

Your body can heal itself in 9 out of 10 illnesses

Passing observations 126

Oil and gas prices are going to continue to soar for years to come

There will be no more Christmases

The New World Order is already here

The UK's energy price control is part of the Great Reset

NHS: What's wrong and how to put it right (and replace it with something better)


Animals exhibit altruistic behaviour

The money is running out

Things you should know about traditional vaccines

Here's how they'll bankrupt you

Doctors get their timing wrong

Passing observations 125

An embarrassment of truths

Too many lies and not enough sense

Just when you think things can't get any worse

The Return of the Care Home Massacre

Mrs Caldicot

Show me the way to go home

NHS: What's wrong and how to put it right

Your Horror Scope

Explosive interview

AIDS DENIAL - What I wrote about AIDS

The truth about inflation

Now that I am Prime Minister

Age is a state of mind

Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 jab will be tried as war criminals

The recycling scam

The case books of Dr John Snow

Open letter to Dave Van Zandt of Media Bias Fact Check

Passing observations 124

The startling history of polio vaccination

Too many lies, not enough truths

This proven anti-cancer drug is ignored by doctors and drug companies - you can buy it for pennies

Most patients with dementia are curable

Drug companies - just a bit crooked or thoroughly evil?

The Boris Johnson diet book

When will they close the internet?

The General Medical Council: The charity that helped destroy British General Practice

Beyond the nightmare - the Great Reset gets closer every day

What I said about lockdowns in April 2020

Passing observations 123

They don't want you to own a home

It's a myth that people are living longer

Doctors want more money to kill people with covid jabs

Passing observations 122

Psychiatry: Black magic masquerading as science

The Great Reset is coming fast and nothing will ever be the same again

A deliberately engineered quasi biblical scenario

Daniel Defoe - A hero for all times

21 reasons for being a vegetarian

A drug company, the EU and a hero

Will the lunacy never stop?

I warned about soaring inflation and interest rates in 2020. So, what's next? (transcript of Dr Coleman's latest video on

Curing heart disease without pills or surgery

Things you need to know...

Passing observations 121

How to become an authorised fact checker

Dearer still is truth

Passing observations 120

A bigger problem than climate change

This time next year you'll be living in China

The plain covid truth

Proof of the lie

Vaccines have never been safe or effective

Promises, promises!

Suitable reading only for those with LOW blood pressure

They're going to starve us and freeze us to death

Passing observations 119

New scary flu jab coming

The person most likely to kill you is your doctor

Insanity rules

Alzheimer's disease and the dementia myth

Global warming: the history

Comrade Susan Mitchie, the WHO and a world I no longer understand

You can't make this stuff up

Social credit forcing us into a dystopian, digital world

Nothing is happening by accident (transcript of Dr Vernon Coleman's video on

New rules about protests and demonstrations in the UK

Only morons wear masks

Mainstream media has committed suicide

Passing observations 118

Why everyone wants to be on television

The madness is getting worse

Why I'll always be a vegetarian

Covid-19 - Exposing the Lies

Very scary global health and weather warming

Any candidate is better than Sunak for Prime Minister

Animals have much better survival instincts than we do

Passing observations 117

Truths the mainstream media need to know

Not the Klaus Schwab Secret Diary

How they plan to bankrupt us all

How to be a journalist - tips for BBC staff

Vote Coleman for Britain's next Prime Minister

Exercise and arthritis

My secret years with Elvis

Have you been put on a death list?

Passing observations 116

Testing the covid-19 vaccines in a laboratory

Britain's next Prime Minister - Sir Klaus 'Anal' Schwab

We're all being governed by psychopathic morons

BBC bans climate change advocates from all its programmes

Here's what the drug companies...

I'm really getting fed up with global warming fruitcakes

The monkey in the room

The great betrayal (video transcription)

The end of birds

Passing observations 115

The biggest and most powerful lie doctors tell

Hospitals told to starve foreigners to death to save money

Two reasons why England is stuffed

The end of cars?

Passing observations 114

A doctors strike will reduce deaths - here's the proof

We have six months left

Female hormones in drinking water have created...

The gender war

Why I'm terrified - and why you should be terrified too

We're living in a totalitarian society - here's the proof

Passing observations 113

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War - excerpt

Possible causes of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Polio back in the UK - but is it thanks to Bill Gates?

Ten basic facts about animal experiments

They want to give the next covid jab without clinical data

And now taxpayers will have to pay billions...

Suppressed, banned and demonised

How inflation is leading us into the Great Reset

They're leading us into global slavery

How to lift safely

Nothing is happening by accident

Demonising the elderly

How I believe the General Medical Council has helped destroy health care

Who is really responsible for Julian Assange's extradition?

UPDATED June 17th 2022 - How many are the vaccines killing? (This article has been regularly updated since its first appearance on this website since the 19th January 2021 but we first started warning about the side effects of the covid-19 jabs in November 2020)

Passing observations 112

A bleeding wonder

Know how to measure your pain

Betrayed by the Bank of England

Learn to laugh to control pain

Nightmare on your Street (the transcript of Dr Vernon Coleman's latest video on

Passing observations 111

The death of health care in Britain

One Health on 21st Century Wire

The scam of the century

The Ativan story

How the media is still misleading people

Passing observations 110

The smallpox scare

Microwave ovens - a menace to your health

Nonsense upset me

Poverty and death

Can you mix private medical care and NHS medical care?


Most experts are bought

Passing observations 109

How diet helps arthritis sufferers

Are you suffering from the 21st century blues?

Passing observations 108

Reasons for becoming a vegetarian

Sunak's war on pensioners continues

Dementia warning

Partygate - they knew they could party because they knew covid was a fraud

More evidence the world has gone mad

Dr Zac Cox 13 : Conspirators 1

Progress in general practice...

Monkeypox - should it be spelt moneypox?

Passing observations 107

The WHO plan to take over the world

This needs to be stopped now! (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video on

The clock is ticking loudly

Why does the BBC exist?

I was right to warn about the lockdowns

Everything you should know about animal experiments?

Passing observations 106

Questions and Answers No. 1

Into disaster...

The benzodiazepine story

Passing observations 105

Explosive interview

Fact checking the fact checkers

The great 'public health' grift

Deadly deception exposed

How heat helps with the relief of arthritis

The truth about children, hepatitis and the covid jab (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video on

Now PayPal joins in book banning

Alert: Medicine shortages

Listen to Vernon Coleman's explosive, new interview with Patrick Henningsen

The conspirators are starving the world

Passing observations 104

Open letter to Piers Morgan

BBC does it again

Electric cars are dangerous and should be banned

Choosing the biscuits

Why doctors wear bowties

Banned covid-19 book available at last

Why THEY need World War III (Transcript of the video on

The end of education

Passing observations 103

The truth about long covid

Another lie from Boris Johnson

They want to get rid of cash for a reason

Vernon Coleman - what the papers say

Benzodiazepine evidence

Passing observations 102

The Italian version of my book 'Proof Face Masks do More Harm than Good'

Ten organisations I think we would be better without

Tales of compensation

Passing observations 101

Wicked, mad or stupid or all three?

Do the conspirators now want World War III?

Passing observations 100

Children are being destroyed

Government admits PCR is useless

Passing observations 99

Why aren't Biden and Johnson being treated as war criminals?

We have eight months (transcript of Vernon Coleman's latest video on

Antibiotic resistance - A problem ignored

Where nursing went wrong

Passing obervations 98

Sunak: a bigger threat to the elderly than midazolam

Is this what the Great Reset looks like?

The PCR test can kill you

The propaganda war

The lies, deceits and hypocrisy of climate change

Calling all UK health workers...

Passing observations 97

Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

The horrors of social credit

Passing observations 96

Coleman's 12th law of medicine

They're using DNR notices to turn hospitals into death camps

So what's coming next?

Passing observations 95

Message to Sky News: London is no freer than Moscow

Something else the BBC forgot to mention

Now will you take me seriously?

Important message for journalists covering the invasion of Ukraine

You need a mugger's wallet

If you care about freedom, time is running out

The rhythm and the blues

Schwab's Law

Covid jabs could cause serious health issues among the CHILDREN of the jabbed

Passing observations 94

Pfizer in 1961

Medical heretics book

Our governments have declared war on us

Scary stuff you might have missed

It's now time to arrest the guilty doctors who gave the covid jabs

Virtue signalling the new plague

Passing observations 93

Attack Attack Attack

The Great Reset is getting closer

They will own everything and be happy

Home surgery to become a reality

The bodypower principle

The abusive tweets continue

Goodbye free speech

NHS should be closed

What does banned really mean?

Passing observations 92

Eat up your greens

Is your country now run by a psychopath?

What is the war really about?

Social credit update

Covid in the beginning

Passing observations 91

The long covid fraud

Eleven jolly bits of news!

Chronic Maskitis (transcript of Dr Coleman's video on

Passing observations 90

Don't let them kill the kids (transcript of the video on

Edwin Chadwick saved more lives than...

Passing observations 89

The Advertising Standards Authority

What are they afraid of? (transcript of Dr Coleman's latest video on brand new tube)

Scary covid stuff

Cyclists should pay £100 annual road tax

We should respect the elderly

Passing observations 88

The war on cancer patients

How to remember

Transcript to: Myocarditis Cover-up Exposed (video on

Passing observations 87

The elderly are being drugged

Teachers are responsible for creating compliant fools and unquestioning idiots

Radio interview

Challenge to the BBC, ITV and Sky

Passing observations 86

It's time to be terrified

Vernon Coleman's autobiography

Warning to fake telegram sites

Covid jabbing scheme a disaster in the UK

BBC Question Time - pathetic and disgraceful

NHS staff should contact

How social workers operate

The oil crisis is growing daily

Why government leaders are deliberately being made unpopular

Passing observations 85


How wikipedia detroys and deceives

Medical and nursing staff showing their priorities

Chronic maskitis

Harry, spotify and misinformation

Passing observations 84

Daft covid sign

More stupidity in The Guardian

Proof there was never a pandemic in 2020

Best buy dates no longer matter for the covid jab

Boycott BBC Question Time

Why has it taken...

There are more unvaccinated people than you think

The wake-up video - for family or friends who need to know the truth behind the covid fraud

Twenty point plan for avoiding food poisoning

Vernon Coleman's new video coming soon

Your sixth sense

Passing observations 83

Disappearing videos

Australian Open should no longer be...

Hand sanitisers can still kill you

The Royals - What a family!

The truth about ethanol

We should introduce personal accountability for public employees

Passing observations 82

Everyone working in health care in the UK must read this...

Covid Cobblers

BBC news boss jokes

Telegram sites are nothing to do with me

Dr Colin's Barron's videos

YouTube stupid as well as evil

Truth about Vitamin D was banned by YouTube

How I used YouTube to promote BrandNewTube

Passing observations 81

20 facts about vaccination

Why I think the price of oil and gas...

Sport and covid

Undeniable but startling news about 5G

Dr Mohammed Adil

Tony Blair - war criminal

A cruel and sickening witch hunt

A disaster waiting to happen

Passing observations 80

Survival tip

Telegram: Urgent Message

The scariest video I've ever made

Covid facts

Brits will on average live nine months less

How the media distorts the truth

Show me the way to go home

Masks and your human rights (free leaflet)

Scotland is creating alcoholics galore

Passing observations 79

Passing observations 78

The secrets of the cough

We are winning the war!

A simple dilemma

Essential notes about vaccines and vaccination

My nightmare

Passing observations 77

What do you know about vaccination?

Passing observations 76

a href="precovid.htm" target="content">Children and pre-covid vaccines

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review - episode 6 (December 15th 2021)

What's the covid jab doing to the brain?

We are the 99%

Thoughts on vaccines

Here's why the jabbed will die early

Injury time

Vaccine facts

Compulsory vaccination

Dr Coleman's Wednesday Review - episode five (December 8th 2021)

Traditional vaccines kill and injure

Fiona Hine

Passing Observations 75

Please help this brave doctor

Starve a fever

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review - Episode Four (December 1st 2021)

Explosive interview with Patrick Henningsen

Evidence that Pfizer KNEW the covid jab will kill thousands

Passing Observations 74

The water is boiling

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review Episode Three (24th November 2021)

The miracle of the placebo

Passing observations 73

Finally! Medical proof that the covid-19 jab is 'murder'

Where we're heading (Awakening Conference)

Central eating control

Passing observations 72

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review Episode Two

Hospital and health care are better run privately

Mind over matter

Passing observations 71

Wednesday Review - Episode one 10th November 2021

Earth Newspaper - a major source of information

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review

Coleman's 10th law of medicine

Passing observations 70

Evil politicians have made a mistake at last

Passing observations 69

Explosive Interview

A nice cup of fluoride

Twenty ways to kick ass if you're over 60

Your body knows best

Dr Colin Barron - watch and read

Passing observations 68

Leave global warming protestors alone

Global warming: lies, fraud and hypocrisy in Glasgow

Lies and deceits from the food industry

The threat of genetically engineered food is now greater than ever

Masks are destroying the development of babies

Meat causes cancer

Advice for those who have been jabbed

Passing observations 67

Drug companies own the medical profession

Covid-19 jab: they knew children would die

Debbie Hicks needs your help

Passing observations 66

GPs: Betrayal, genocide and the truth

Keep reading and watching to see what comes next

Passing observations 65

Autism and Vaccination

The UK's Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979

Thoughtless hospital staff

Scary stuff you should know No 3

You'll be drinking granny soon!

Scary stuff you should know No2

More evil from big pharma

Passing Observations 64

What we could learn from animals

Scary stuff you should know

Know your body

More evidence they want you dead

Passing observations 63

YouTube and Vernon Coleman

How the UK government made sure private hospitals didn't intefere with the covid genocide

Private eye and Vernon Coleman

More evidence of covid genocide

Behind the news

The pension scandal

The end of the internet is approaching fast

The unmasking of pandora

Coleman's 9th law: doctors and nurses know less than you think

A nice cup of flouride


Dr Vernon Coleman and the General Medical Council

Finding petrol

Passing observations 62

Will it be the footballers...

Time is running out fast

Passing observations 61

Is this proof the covid jab programme is genocide?

It's time to get angry

The worst cold ever

Why they created a fuel crisis

Shocking, urgent news - share widely

Passing observations 60

Passing observations 59

Walking around in circles

Vernon's factchecker 2

Newspapers are finished

Passing observations 58

Nobody is coming to save us

We're fighting a war - join Vernon's army

Fighting the campaign against cash

The one eyed man

The jabbed and the mask wearers are selfish

Awakened Pages

A Stand in the Park

Passing observations 57

The abandoned ones

Freedom - you must read this

Passing observations 56

Vernon's factchecker: for those who care about the truth

Passing observations 55

Covid jab is up to six times as deadly to boys as covid-19

The government thinks that your child's life is worth £10

Vernon Coleman barred by linkedin for telling the truth

Coleman's 8th law - your government doesn't care about your health

NEW! Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's latest book called, 'Covid-19: Exposing the Lies

Ten diseases for which drugs are over-prescribed

UK Government attacks the elderly again

Passing observations 54

Passing observations 53

How they are going to blame the 'anti-vaxxers'… (Please share this shocking video entitled 'James Corbett Red Alert: False Flag Incoming, so that we can prevent it from happening - brand new tube)

Social credit is here

It will soon be too late for the children

Passing observations 52

Apartheid, ghetto or enslavement

Linkedin suppresses the truth

Passing observations 51

Coleman's 7th law of medicine

Piers Corbyn needs and deserves your help

Fascism or communism

Wikipedia 'thoroughly corrupt' says co-founder

Global warming - the fraud behind the covid fraud

Replies to the liars, the shills and the backstabbers

Masks cause cancer - here's the proof

Coleman's 6th law of medicine: hospitals are not safe for sick people

Green coal - another global warming scam?

Singapore government pays big money to people damaged by the covid-19 jab

What to do with GPs who won't see unvaccinated patients

The horrors of social credit - coming soon!

Passing observations 50

Hypocrisy Rules

What's happening in Afghanistan is no accident

Pregnant women and the covid jab

Challenge to Jeremy Vine at the BBC

Fakes and cons: people pretending to be me

Passing observations 49

They killed granny - now they're going to kill the kids

Health care is worse today than it was 50 years ago

The lockdowns, the masks, the rules are coming back


When doctors guess

Please read

Coleman's 5th law of medicine

UPDATED 26th July - How many are the vaccines killing?

The healing power of love

Passing Observations 48

A Short Message from Dr Coleman

Guesswork in Medicine

Could you pretend to be a doctor - and get away with it?

This is the battle that could win us the war

The BBC employs 22,000 traitors

Bodypower - the secret of self-healing

A doctor with integrity and courage

Johnson & Johnson - warning

Passing Observations 47

Covid jabs: Deliberately unprofessional and reckless

The MHRA - Nothing changes

Coleman's 4th Law of Medicine: Why medical screenings and health check-ups do more harm than good

Passing observations 46

Coleman's 3rd law of medicine: why a second opinion may save your life

Debbie Hicks

How many children will die because of this woman?

Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's latest book, 'Covid-19: The Fraud Continues'

These ten things will happen next as the conspirators tighten the screw

Passing observations 45


Coleman's 2nd law of medicine: tests are useless unless the results will affect your treatment

When will they shut down the internet?

Passing observations 44

Free blood clots with every covid jab

Coleman's first law of medicine

Most mask wearers will be dead or demented in ten years

There is no such thing as minor surgery

The gates of hell are wide open

Why and how doctors have betrayed patients

Footballer Eriksen and that collapse

Passing observatons 43

We will win this war

Ignorance and prejudice in medicine

Lies on the bbc will result in children dying

Passing observations 42

UK TV presenter...

A narrow escape

The Wuhan confusion

Suppressed, oppressed, banned and hidden

URGENT health privacy news - you must act now!

BBC boasts it is committed to deception

Proof the covid-19 jabs should be stopped now.

Psy-op language - a new way of speaking

Coleman's Laws

Passing observations 41

How the BBC's Panorama programme has betrayed us all

Why no 'proper' country can make covid-19 vaccination mandatory

India's black fungus scare is caused by mask wearing

Time is running out - we must act now!

What planet is this?

Passing Observations 40

Slaughter of the gullible and the innocent

Digital currencies

Passing observations 39

How to stop your doctor killing you

Why and how they plan to kill seven billion

The mask gestapo

Why on earth do people wear masks?

Stress and infection

The fear that doesn't go away

It isn't the weather which has changed - it's the people

Now they want to kill the squirrels

Global warming - woeful predictions keep coming

The truth about test and trace apps

Passing observations 38

Why we must keep using cash

A syringe full of death

My scepticism knows no bounds

Why you can (and should) ignore what is happening in India

The evil global reset billionaires are now controlling our food

I'm losing patience with the zombies

Why I can't go on marches and demonstrations

No coal, no future

Watch 'The Pushback'

Vote for Piers Corbyn

Simple ways to keep your immune system strong

The final, irrefutable proof that the covid-19 pandemic never existed

Passing observations 37

Warning about fact checkers

Passing observations 36

Text for A4 leaflet to print and distribute to those who still believe the Government's lies about covid

The myth of overpopulation

The end of the motor car

Climbing trees at 112

We are the resistance and we will win this war

Klaus Schwab's own words

Cowardly, brain-dead, rancid little runts

Goodbye and thank you

Drug companies do animal experiments because they're useless

Passing Observations 35

This couldn't possibly happen. Could it...

Zombie Apocalypse (the covid fraud summarised in under 17 minutes)

Urgent: Tell the government your views on health passports by 29th March

Things you can do...

The Care Home Murders

Fighting for our lives - we must unite

Award winning santimoniousness

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 (new book out now!)

We're fighting a propaganda war

Mind control is nothing new

Now available:

Which is officially more dangerous: covid-19 or the flu?

Covid-19 vaccines are weapons of mass destruction - and could wipe out the human race

Why I think media doctor Amir Khan is wrong about vaccines

Another week in la-la land

Shocking news regarding the PCR test

Vital revelations about how masks damage children (permanently)

How many who've had the covid-19 jab will still be alive next Christmas?

Betrayed by politicians, betrayed by journalists, betrayed by doctors

Whose jobs will robots take?

How to cut weeks off NHS waiting time

It's a lie that the NHS is in crisis

Let's dump the poison filled queen and the rest of the royal family

Vital survival tips

Spending £19,200 a year on masks

Zinc and your immune system

Flouride in drinking water

My reply to the one-sided BBC Panorama programme on vaccination

The covid-19 jabs could kill more than covid-19

Piers Corbyn - Next Mayor of London

Passing observations 34

'We don't debate with anti-vaxxers whether they're right or wrong' - says the BBC

Proof the NHS is lying - this is genocide and the jabs must stop now!

Is your drinking water contaminated with vaccines?

The PCR test can kill you and can be used to vaccinate you

The evil deception: giving the covid-19 jab without informed consent

Vernon Coleman's response to the demonisation by Wikipedia

Why and when Vernon Coleman resigned as a GP

Three boos for the Daily Telegraph

Passing observations 33

Captain Tom - what really happened...

History must go - especially if it's English

Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals

Passing Observations 32

Is Ian Collins of talkRADIO an idiot or dangerous?

Smart cities are coming fast

Proof that social distancing is forever

The NHS is not in crisis

Passing observations 31

The truth about health passports

The biggest false flag operation of all time

Passing Observations 30

The full, scary story of Agenda 21

Passing Observations 29

The death of free speech

Following the science? Don't make me laugh

Essential facts your doctor probably forgot to tell you about the covid-19 vaccine

Dr Colin M Barron

Passing observations 28

The horrors of social credit - coming soon!

The forgotten generation - ignored, mistreated and murdered

Do you need a vitamin D supplement?

Is this going to be the year of the stupid?

Every Sunday 12 noon GMT - A moment of prayer

Richie Allen's new website

When the PCR test is useless for covid-19 (but useful for crooked governments)

Lockdowns killed 91,000 in UK in 2020

Are government advisors afraid of the truth?

Startling covid and flu facts

Passing observations 27

Mixing vaccines is lunacy

Passing Observations 26

Christmas once a month

URGENT information about the covid-19 vaccine

Transcript of the video, 'URGENT information about the covid-19 vaccine'

Make no Mistake - This is Genocide

How wikipedia is used as a weapon

Here's what will happen next...

Covid-19 vaccine possible effects

Is this the last Christmas they'll let us have?

The police will all be redundant in less than two years

Vital information about the covid-19 vaccine

2020 will be our last good year unless...

How they plan to bankrupt us all

The mask-wearing collaborators are going to kill us all

Passing Observations 25

Will masks and social distancing be permanent?

The next fake 'crisis' has been planned

Passing Observations 24

Will life ever be the same again?

What is covid-19 for?

Your government is a terrorist organisation

Proof that masks do more harm than good

They don't want you to know any of this

Debunking the biggest lies they tell

Latest news about old man in a chair

Vernon Coleman's latest covid-19 book banned and retitled

Message from Vernon Coleman

Why politicians and advisors will go to prison

Mask Exemption

Revealed: How the bbc is deliberately...

Passing observations 23

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: 19 Truths about covid-19

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: AstraZeneca - facts you should know

Text for LEAFLET to print and distibute: GSK facts

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Vaccines the truth

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why cash is important to your freedom

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why the coronavirus hoax is a hoax

These are the good old days

The way we will win this war

Patrizia Opulenza

Everything that has happened was meant to happen

Passing Observations 22

Save your elderly relatives and friends

Wifi and cellphone dangers

We're fighting for our lives

Passing Observations 21

This fraud is now blindingly obvious

Passing Observations 20

I'm Back!

We're all prisoners with no signs of parole

Is this how they will use children to create a second wave?

A conspiracy of silence

Ending YouTube

My last YouTube video

A conspiracy of silence

How the coronavirus has permanently destroyed health care

Official mask exemption certificates now available

August 29th 2020 London rally speech

The BBC clearly wants to be defunded

Trafalgar Square 2020 and the police

London Rally 29th August

Guarded secrets and blatant deceits

Nothing is now impossible

Is this fraud ever going to end?

Forbidden Truths

How many billion could the covid-19 vaccine kill or damage?

The plan to create unending misery

Zombies and trolls

Why Genetic Engineering Must Stop

We're the good guys - and good guys win

We are prisoners of war

Global nightmare: staying sane during the madness

Why there are so many zombies

It's our bloody country and we want it back

BBC Fact Checking Investigated

The Satanic Wars Have Started

Vaccination Challenge

The forces of evil are gathering

How They Are Lying to Enslave Us

How to survive in the lunatic land of the coronavirus hoax

Five battles we cannot afford to lose

We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History

How the greens will destroy our world

Why is youtube protecting government lies?

They want to kill six billion of us - here's how they'll do it

Mask wearers are collaborators

Your body and mind aren't enough

The screw is tightening

Is there anything they won't do?

Doctors and nurses betrayed patients and themselves

That's not science it's propaganda

It's going to get worse

Hand sanitisers can kill you

Old lives matter

What did you do in the war?

Who is pulling the strings?

Just a little prick - the Bill Gates story (part two)

Just a little prick - the Bill Gates story (part one)

We're at War

They're going to starve us and freeze us to death

Lies, Deceits and Consequences

The 'banned' plays on

Rage Against the Zombies

This couldn't possibly happen. Could it?

How many coincidences make a conspiracy

Advice for Anyone Not Wanting to Be Stuffed

Have you been put on a list to be left to die?

The end of dentistry?

Why we are fighting for our future - and why we will win

Why there will be a second wave (They need one)

Antoinette, a hospital and more waiting

How the establishment suppresses the truth about prescription drugs

Why You Should Stockpile Food - Now!

The Coming Global Food Shortage (Part Two) - A Perfect Storm

Face Masks - Ending the Confusion

Face Masks 2 - The Reasons They Want Us To Wear Them

Coleman's First Law of Medicine

Snitches, sneaks and quislings are killing families, communities and society

How the hell did we get here?

Passing Observations 17

New Law: Everyone must now hop and wear galoshes

Passing Observations 16

Is tap water safe to drink?

Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Passing observations 15 (A coronavirus special)

UK government now only six weeks behind coleman

Coronavirus: How and why thousands of old people have been murdered

Tranquillisers - The benzodiazepine story

Coronavirus: How they deliberately terrified us

Coronavirus: Where is the science behind social distancing?

Coronavirus: Patients who have been betrayed

Coronavirus: These tests for new drugs will be dangerously misleading

Coronavirus: Passing observations 14 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: Passing observations 13 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: You've been brainwashed (Here's how they did it)

The end for NHS dentistry?

Coronavirus: Passing observations 12 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: Shutting public loos is 'loonacy'

Coronavirus: Have the lockdown laws caused Vitamin D deficiencies and increased the number of coronavirus deaths?

Passing observations 11 (A coronavirus special)

Coronavirus - The only shops which will survive

Coronavirus - Are tragic NHS deaths being used as part of the scare campaign?

Coronavirus - Have mental health problems been deliberately exacerbated by government policies?

YouTube bans my video called, 'Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?'

Coronavirus: Protecting the oil supplies

Coronavirus: We are breeding a race of psychos - act now to stop the politicians' damaging, deadly lies

Coronavirus: Will social distancing be permanent?

Coronavirus: Why the economy won't bounce back

Coronavirus: A population control plan

Seventeen things you should know about face masks

Coronavirus: Silent obedience will destroy us

Most patients with dementia can be cured

It is governments not the coronavirus which threaten our lives

Coronavirus: Is Boris taking advantage of the false coronavirus crisis to steal our democracy?

How medical truths are suppressed

Coronavirus: How many million will the global lockdown kill

B12 deficiency - An unexpected coronavirus scandal

Coronavirus - hidden agendas

How to survive the post coronavirus

More expert support for my views about the coronavirus

Trust me...

The bastards can't arrest me twice

My third coronavirus video

Are governments planning annual coronavirus vaccinations?

Too old for treatment

Things you should know about Neil Ferguson

In support of the coronavirus conspiracy theory

Another hazard of house arrest

Coronavirus: Why didn't governments do this?

Coronavirus - the cruel and dangerous deceit

Coronavirus - cock up or conspiracy - my conclusions

Is the NHS refusing to treat Jews and Gays?

Coronavirus - 3 April 2020 (Is this the final proof of the coronavirus scandal?)

Coronavirus - 2 April 2020

Coronavirus - at this rate testing won't finish until 2036

Coronavirus - 31 March

The coronavirus scare - we now know what it was all about

I was right about the coronavirus!

Coronavirus - 25 March

Coronavirus - 24 March

Coronavirus - 23 March

Coronavirus - 22 March

Coronavirus - 21 March

My YouTube experience

Coronavirus - Why and how the Government and the media are wrong

Coronavirus - the madness of governments

Coronavirus - A conspiracy

Coronavirus - Yet more thoughts

Coronavirus - More Thoughts

Coronavirus - What aren't they telling us?

Meat causes cancer - the proof

Vernon Coleman and the Advertising Standards Authority

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