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Vernon Coleman's new Bilbury book out now! (book 12)

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Drugs hidden in patients' food

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The vaccine industry - a huge and profitable business

The NHS is not free

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Drinking cows' milk can kill

Why all transplants should be halted

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Prostate cancer: The truth suppressed

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Valium, Ativan and other benzodiazepine drugs are harder to kick than heroin

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Valium, Ativan, etc: when doctors are guilty of bad prescribing

Benzodiazepines - fifty years of evidence which doctors still ignore

You should ignore the Food Standards Agency - they're idiots

Drugs prescribed for humans which cause cancer in animals

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART ONE)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART TWO)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART THREE)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART FOUR)

Why parents who allow their children to be vaccinated should be arrested for child abuse

Health tourists will kill your family

Patients don't die of Alzheimer's

The NHS now spends more on lawyers than on doctors

Are experts who say that dementia cannot be cured fools or liars?

Tamoxifen - the cancer drug that CAUSES cancer

Ten diseases for which drugs are over-prescribed

This stuff causes more cancer than tobacco!

Leaving the EU could save the failing NHS

You must read this if you're contemplating vaccination

Coleman's 2nd law of medicine

20 facts about vaccination your doctor forgot to tell you

The sad decline of nursing

When doctors can kill - and 'get away with murder'

Why has the truth about dementia been suppressed?

The dirty true story about Benzodiazepines

Meat causes cancer

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NHS - a health hazard

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

How Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed

The causes of Alzheimer's Disease

Millions of Alzheimer's patients have been misdiagnosed (and could be cured)

Why I won't be having the shingles vaccine

Alzheimer's disease

The real reason why NHS hospitals are closing

Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying

Why euthanasia is a bad idea

Alzheimer's Disease

If you're over 70, your government can now legally kill you

Meat causes as much cancer as tobacco (official)

Why British General Practice has died a terrible death

The robot doctor will see you very soon

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Compulsory vaccines will kill more children than it saves

The Biggest Myth in Medicine

Why is Male Fertility Falling?

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Avoid Flu

Does The Government Want To Vaccinate The Elderly In Order To Kill Them?

Meat and Diabetes

Health Truths The BBC Won't Tell You

Psychiatry: A Corrupt Marketing Scam...

Worse Than Useless

Cowgirl Nurses

State Run Medicine Doesn't Work

How The European Union Kills People

Is Autism Caused By Vaccination?

Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccination Against Influenza - Facts You Should Know

Vaccines Contain...

Contraindications to Vaccination

Doctors Have Been Bought

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Missed Diagnosis (And More) in Exeter and Budleigh Salterton

Can IBS Cause High Blood Pressure?

36 Years To Respond

Questions You Must Ask If You Are Contemplating Surgery

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You Can Increase Your Mental Abilities As You Get Older

A Scary Medical Story

Vaccination: is vaccination safe and effective or is it just a massive, profitable and dangerous confidence trick?

Infections Are Back With A Vengeance

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A Full List Of All The Doctors In The UK Prepared To Debate Vaccination Or Vivisection With Dr Vernon Coleman

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Legal Child Abuse

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Coleman's 2nd Law of Medicine

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Could You Convince People You're A Doctor?

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"Every Year Doctors Kill More Brits Than Terrorists Ever Have"

Vernon Coleman On Doctors And Hospitals

Vernon Coleman On Nurses

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Hotels Are A Common Source Of Colds (and other infections)

Discrimination In The NHS

Don't Let An Addiction To Food Ruin Your Diet

The Ten Super Secrets Of Permanent Slimming Success

Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

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Britain's NHS Computer Database - Part Of Big Brother's Evil Plan

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Drugs In Our Drinking Water

Why Breast Cancer Is Becoming Commoner

Do Women With Different Sized Breasts Have A Greater Risk Of Cancer? (Vital information all women should read)

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Doctor Who 'Prescribes' Meat Reported To The General Medical Council

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12 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Backache

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Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families

Vernon Coleman's Advice Is Ten Years Ahead Of The Rest (Again) - by Donna Davidson

How Healthy Is Your Mind?

Treat Yourself

"How You Can Conquer 90% Of All Illnesses Without Seeing A Doctor


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Help Yourself To A World Free Of Fear

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Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Left You?

Your Quick Guide To How Your Baby Should Develop.

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How To Choose The Sex Of Your Next Baby

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