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Here is the PROOF that covid-19 was downgraded in March 2020

UPDATED December 3rd 2021 - How many people are the vaccines killing?

The Transcripts of Vernon Coleman's Banned YouTube Videos

Vernon's videos can now be found on Brand New Tube

FREE PDF of Vernon Coleman's banned book called, 'Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History'

NOW UPDATED! Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's banned book called, 'Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good'

Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's book called, 'Covid-19: The Fraud Continues'

NEW! Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's latest book called, 'Covid-19: Exposing the Lies'

Traditional vaccines kill and injure

Fiona Hine

Passing Observations 75

Please help this brave doctor

UPDATED December 3rd 2021 - How many are the vaccines killing?

Starve a fever

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review - Episode Four (December 1st 2021)

Explosive interview with Patrick Henningsen

Evidence that Pfizer KNEW the covid jab will kill thousands

Passing Observations 74

The water is boiling

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review Episode Three (24th November 2021)

The miracle of the placebo

Passing observations 73

Finally! Medical proof that the covid-19 jab is 'murder'

Where we're heading (Awakening Conference)

Central eating control

Passing observations 72

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review Episode Two

Hospital and health care are better run privately

Mind over matter

Passing observations 71

Wednesday Review - Episode one 10th November 2021

Earth Newspaper - a major source of information

Dr Vernon Coleman's Wednesday Review

Coleman's 10th law of medicine

Passing observations 70

Evil politicians have made a mistake at last

Passing observations 69

Explosive Interview

A nice cup of fluoride

Twenty ways to kick ass if you're over 60

Your body knows best

Dr Colin Barron - watch and read

Passing observations 68

Leave global warming protestors alone

Global warming: lies, fraud and hypocrisy in Glasgow

Lies and deceits from the food industry

The threat of genetically engineered food is now greater than ever

Masks are destroying the development of babies

Meat causes cancer

Advice for those who have been jabbed

Passing observations 67

Drug companies own the medical profession

Covid-19 jab: they knew children would die

Debbie Hicks needs your help

Passing observations 66

GPs: Betrayal, genocide and the truth

Keep reading and watching to see what comes next

Passing observations 65

Autism and Vaccination

The UK's Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979

Thoughtless hospital staff

Scary stuff you should know No 3

You'll be drinking granny soon!

Scary stuff you should know No2

More evil from big pharma

Passing Observations 64

What we could learn from animals

Scary stuff you should know

Know your body

More evidence they want you dead

Passing observations 63

YouTube and Vernon Coleman

How the UK government made sure private hospitals didn't intefere with the covid genocide

Private eye and Vernon Coleman

More evidence of covid genocide

Behind the news

The pension scandal

The end of the internet is approaching fast

The unmasking of pandora

Coleman's 9th law: doctors and nurses know less than you think

A nice cup of flouride


Dr Vernon Coleman and the General Medical Council

Finding petrol

Passing observations 62

Will it be the footballers...

Time is running out fast

Passing observations 61

Is this proof the covid jab programme is genocide?

It's time to get angry

The worst cold ever

Why they created a fuel crisis

Shocking, urgent news - share widely

Passing observations 60

Passing observations 59

Walking around in circles

Vernon's factchecker 2

Newspapers are finished

Passing observations 58

Nobody is coming to save us

We're fighting a war - join Vernon's army

Fighting the campaign against cash

The one eyed man

The jabbed and the mask wearers are selfish

Awakened Pages

A Stand in the Park

Passing observations 57

The abandoned ones

Freedom - you must read this

Passing observations 56

Vernon's factchecker: for those who care about the truth

Passing observations 55

Covid jab is up to six times as deadly to boys as covid-19

The government thinks that your child's life is worth 10

Vernon Coleman barred by linkedin for telling the truth

Coleman's 8th law - your government doesn't care about your health

NEW! Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's latest book called, 'Covid-19: Exposing the Lies

Ten diseases for which drugs are over-prescribed

UK Government attacks the elderly again

Passing observations 54

Passing observations 53

How they are going to blame the 'anti-vaxxers' (Please share this shocking video entitled 'James Corbett Red Alert: False Flag Incoming, so that we can prevent it from happening - brand new tube)

Social credit is here

It will soon be too late for the children

Passing observations 52

Apartheid, ghetto or enslavement

Linkedin suppresses the truth

Passing observations 51

Coleman's 7th law of medicine

Piers Corbyn needs and deserves your help

Fascism or communism

Wikipedia 'thoroughly corrupt' says co-founder

Global warming - the fraud behind the covid fraud

Replies to the liars, the shills and the backstabbers

Masks cause cancer - here's the proof

Coleman's 6th law of medicine: hospitals are not safe for sick people

Green coal - another global warming scam?

Singapore government pays big money to people damaged by the covid-19 jab

What to do with GPs who won't see unvaccinated patients

The horrors of social credit - coming soon!

Passing observations 50

Hypocrisy Rules

What's happening in Afghanistan is no accident

Pregnant women and the covid jab

Challenge to Jeremy Vine at the BBC

Fakes and cons: people pretending to be me

Passing observations 49

They killed granny - now they're going to kill the kids

Health care is worse today than it was 50 years ago

The lockdowns, the masks, the rules are coming back


When doctors guess

Please read

Coleman's 5th law of medicine

UPDATED 26th July - How many are the vaccines killing?

The healing power of love

Passing Observations 48

A Short Message from Dr Coleman

Guesswork in Medicine

Could you pretend to be a doctor - and get away with it?

This is the battle that could win us the war

The BBC employs 22,000 traitors

Bodypower - the secret of self-healing

A doctor with integrity and courage

Johnson & Johnson - warning

Passing Observations 47

Covid jabs: Deliberately unprofessional and reckless

The MHRA - Nothing changes

Coleman's 4th Law of Medicine: Why medical screenings and health check-ups do more harm than good

Passing observations 46

Coleman's 3rd law of medicine: why a second opinion may save your life

Debbie Hicks

How many children will die because of this woman?

Free PDF of Vernon Coleman's latest book, 'Covid-19: The Fraud Continues'

These ten things will happen next as the conspirators tighten the screw

Passing observations 45


Coleman's 2nd law of medicine: tests are useless unless the results will affect your treatment

When will they shut down the internet?

Passing observations 44

Free blood clots with every covid jab

Coleman's first law of medicine

Most mask wearers will be dead or demented in ten years

There is no such thing as minor surgery

The gates of hell are wide open

Why and how doctors have betrayed patients

Footballer Eriksen and that collapse

Passing observatons 43

We will win this war

Ignorance and prejudice in medicine

Lies on the bbc will result in children dying

Passing observations 42

UK TV presenter...

A narrow escape

The Wuhan confusion

Suppressed, oppressed, banned and hidden

URGENT health privacy news - you must act now!

BBC boasts it is committed to deception

Proof the covid-19 jabs should be stopped now.

Psy-op language - a new way of speaking

Coleman's Laws

Passing observations 41

How the BBC's Panorama programme has betrayed us all

Why no 'proper' country can make covid-19 vaccination mandatory

India's black fungus scare is caused by mask wearing

Time is running out - we must act now!

What planet is this?

Passing Observations 40

Slaughter of the gullible and the innocent

Digital currencies

Passing observations 39

How to stop your doctor killing you

Why and how they plan to kill seven billion

The mask gestapo

Why on earth do people wear masks?

Stress and infection

The fear that doesn't go away

It isn't the weather which has changed - it's the people

Now they want to kill the squirrels

Global warming - woeful predictions keep coming

The truth about test and trace apps

Passing observations 38

Why we must keep using cash

A syringe full of death

My scepticism knows no bounds

Why you can (and should) ignore what is happening in India

The evil global reset billionaires are now controlling our food

I'm losing patience with the zombies

Why I can't go on marches and demonstrations

No coal, no future

Watch 'The Pushback'

Vote for Piers Corbyn

Simple ways to keep your immune system strong

The final, irrefutable proof that the covid-19 pandemic never existed

Passing observations 37

Warning about fact checkers

Passing observations 36

Text for A4 leaflet to print and distribute to those who still believe the Government's lies about covid

The myth of overpopulation

The end of the motor car

Climbing trees at 112

We are the resistance and we will win this war

Klaus Schwab's own words

Cowardly, brain-dead, rancid little runts

Goodbye and thank you

Drug companies do animal experiments because they're useless

Passing Observations 35

This couldn't possibly happen. Could it...

Zombie Apocalypse (the covid fraud summarised in under 17 minutes)

Urgent: Tell the government your views on health passports by 29th March

Things you can do...

The Care Home Murders

Fighting for our lives - we must unite

Award winning santimoniousness

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 (new book out now!)

We're fighting a propaganda war

Mind control is nothing new

Now available:

Which is officially more dangerous: covid-19 or the flu?

Covid-19 vaccines are weapons of mass destruction - and could wipe out the human race

Why I think media doctor Amir Khan is wrong about vaccines

Another week in la-la land

Shocking news regarding the PCR test

Vital revelations about how masks damage children (permanently)

How many who've had the covid-19 jab will still be alive next Christmas?

Betrayed by politicians, betrayed by journalists, betrayed by doctors

Whose jobs will robots take?

How to cut weeks off NHS waiting time

It's a lie that the NHS is in crisis

Let's dump the poison filled queen and the rest of the royal family

Vital survival tips

Spending 19,200 a year on masks

Zinc and your immune system

Flouride in drinking water

My reply to the one-sided BBC Panorama programme on vaccination

The covid-19 jabs could kill more than covid-19

Piers Corbyn - Next Mayor of London

Passing observations 34

'We don't debate with anti-vaxxers whether they're right or wrong' - says the BBC

Proof the NHS is lying - this is genocide and the jabs must stop now!

Is your drinking water contaminated with vaccines?

The PCR test can kill you and can be used to vaccinate you

The evil deception: giving the covid-19 jab without informed consent

Vernon Coleman's response to the demonisation by Wikipedia

Why and when Vernon Coleman resigned as a GP

Three boos for the Daily Telegraph

Passing observations 33

Captain Tom - what really happened...

History must go - especially if it's English

Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals

Passing Observations 32

Is Ian Collins of talkRADIO an idiot or dangerous?

Smart cities are coming fast

Proof that social distancing is forever

The NHS is not in crisis

Passing observations 31

The truth about health passports

The biggest false flag operation of all time

Passing Observations 30

The full, scary story of Agenda 21

Passing Observations 29

The death of free speech

Following the science? Don't make me laugh

Essential facts your doctor probably forgot to tell you about the covid-19 vaccine

Dr Colin M Barron

Passing observations 28

The horrors of social credit - coming soon!

The forgotten generation - ignored, mistreated and murdered

Do you need a vitamin D supplement?

Is this going to be the year of the stupid?

Every Sunday 12 noon GMT - A moment of prayer

Richie Allen's new website

When the PCR test is useless for covid-19 (but useful for crooked governments)

Lockdowns killed 91,000 in UK in 2020

Are government advisors afraid of the truth?

Startling covid and flu facts

Passing observations 27

Mixing vaccines is lunacy

Passing Observations 26

Christmas once a month

URGENT information about the covid-19 vaccine

Transcript of the video, 'URGENT information about the covid-19 vaccine'

Make no Mistake - This is Genocide

How wikipedia is used as a weapon

Here's what will happen next...

Covid-19 vaccine possible effects

Is this the last Christmas they'll let us have?

The police will all be redundant in less than two years

Vital information about the covid-19 vaccine

2020 will be our last good year unless...

How they plan to bankrupt us all

The mask-wearing collaborators are going to kill us all

Passing Observations 25

Will masks and social distancing be permanent?

The next fake 'crisis' has been planned

Passing Observations 24

Will life ever be the same again?

What is covid-19 for?

Your government is a terrorist organisation

Proof that masks do more harm than good

They don't want you to know any of this

Debunking the biggest lies they tell

Latest news about old man in a chair

Vernon Coleman's latest covid-19 book banned and retitled

Message from Vernon Coleman

Why politicians and advisors will go to prison

Mask Exemption

Revealed: How the bbc is deliberately...

Passing observations 23

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: 19 Truths about covid-19

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: AstraZeneca - facts you should know

Text for LEAFLET to print and distibute: GSK facts

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Vaccines the truth

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why cash is important to your freedom

Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why the coronavirus hoax is a hoax

These are the good old days

The way we will win this war

Patrizia Opulenza

Everything that has happened was meant to happen

Passing Observations 22

Save your elderly relatives and friends

Wifi and cellphone dangers

We're fighting for our lives

Passing Observations 21

This fraud is now blindingly obvious

Passing Observations 20

I'm Back!

We're all prisoners with no signs of parole

Is this how they will use children to create a second wave?

A conspiracy of silence

Ending YouTube

My last YouTube video

A conspiracy of silence

How the coronavirus has permanently destroyed health care

Official mask exemption certificates now available

August 29th 2020 London rally speech

The BBC clearly wants to be defunded

Trafalgar Square 2020 and the police

London Rally 29th August

Guarded secrets and blatant deceits

Nothing is now impossible

Is this fraud ever going to end?

Forbidden Truths

How many billion could the covid-19 vaccine kill or damage?

The plan to create unending misery

Zombies and trolls

Why Genetic Engineering Must Stop

We're the good guys - and good guys win

We are prisoners of war

Global nightmare: staying sane during the madness

Why there are so many zombies

It's our bloody country and we want it back

BBC Fact Checking Investigated

The Satanic Wars Have Started

Vaccination Challenge

The forces of evil are gathering

How They Are Lying to Enslave Us

How to survive in the lunatic land of the coronavirus hoax

Five battles we cannot afford to lose

We Are Victims of the Greatest Crime in History

How the greens will destroy our world

Why is youtube protecting government lies?

They want to kill six billion of us - here's how they'll do it

Mask wearers are collaborators

Your body and mind aren't enough

The screw is tightening

Is there anything they won't do?

Doctors and nurses betrayed patients and themselves

That's not science it's propaganda

It's going to get worse

Hand sanitisers can kill you

Old lives matter

What did you do in the war?

Who is pulling the strings?

Just a little prick - the Bill Gates story (part two)

Just a little prick - the Bill Gates story (part one)

We're at War

They're going to starve us and freeze us to death

Lies, Deceits and Consequences

The 'banned' plays on

Rage Against the Zombies

This couldn't possibly happen. Could it?

How many coincidences make a conspiracy

Advice for Anyone Not Wanting to Be Stuffed

Have you been put on a list to be left to die?

The end of dentistry?

Why we are fighting for our future - and why we will win

Why there will be a second wave (They need one)

Antoinette, a hospital and more waiting

How the establishment suppresses the truth about prescription drugs

Why You Should Stockpile Food - Now!

The Coming Global Food Shortage (Part Two) - A Perfect Storm

Face Masks - Ending the Confusion

Face Masks 2 - The Reasons They Want Us To Wear Them

Coleman's First Law of Medicine

Snitches, sneaks and quislings are killing families, communities and society

How the hell did we get here?

Passing Observations 17

New Law: Everyone must now hop and wear galoshes

Passing Observations 16

Is tap water safe to drink?

Coronavirus: Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA?

Passing observations 15 (A coronavirus special)

UK government now only six weeks behind coleman

Coronavirus: How and why thousands of old people have been murdered

Tranquillisers - The benzodiazepine story

Coronavirus: How they deliberately terrified us

Coronavirus: Where is the science behind social distancing?

Coronavirus: Patients who have been betrayed

Coronavirus: These tests for new drugs will be dangerously misleading

Coronavirus: Passing observations 14 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: Passing observations 13 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: You've been brainwashed (Here's how they did it)

The end for NHS dentistry?

Coronavirus: Passing observations 12 (a coronavirus special)

Coronavirus: Shutting public loos is 'loonacy'

Coronavirus: Have the lockdown laws caused Vitamin D deficiencies and increased the number of coronavirus deaths?

Passing observations 11 (A coronavirus special)

Coronavirus - The only shops which will survive

Coronavirus - Are tragic NHS deaths being used as part of the scare campaign?

Coronavirus - Have mental health problems been deliberately exacerbated by government policies?

YouTube bans my video called, 'Coronavirus: Why did YouTube ban my video?'

Coronavirus: Protecting the oil supplies

Coronavirus: We are breeding a race of psychos - act now to stop the politicians' damaging, deadly lies

Coronavirus: Will social distancing be permanent?

Coronavirus: Why the economy won't bounce back

Coronavirus: A population control plan

Seventeen things you should know about face masks

Coronavirus: Silent obedience will destroy us

Most patients with dementia can be cured

It is governments not the coronavirus which threaten our lives

Coronavirus: Is Boris taking advantage of the false coronavirus crisis to steal our democracy?

How medical truths are suppressed

Coronavirus: How many million will the global lockdown kill

B12 deficiency - An unexpected coronavirus scandal

Coronavirus - hidden agendas

How to survive the post coronavirus

More expert support for my views about the coronavirus

Trust me...

The bastards can't arrest me twice

My third coronavirus video

Are governments planning annual coronavirus vaccinations?

Too old for treatment

Things you should know about Neil Ferguson

In support of the coronavirus conspiracy theory

Another hazard of house arrest

Coronavirus: Why didn't governments do this?

Coronavirus - the cruel and dangerous deceit

Coronavirus - cock up or conspiracy - my conclusions

Is the NHS refusing to treat Jews and Gays?

Coronavirus - 3 April 2020 (Is this the final proof of the coronavirus scandal?)

Coronavirus - 2 April 2020

Coronavirus - at this rate testing won't finish until 2036

Coronavirus - 31 March

The coronavirus scare - we now know what it was all about

I was right about the coronavirus!

Coronavirus - 25 March

Coronavirus - 24 March

Coronavirus - 23 March

Coronavirus - 22 March

Coronavirus - 21 March

My YouTube experience

Coronavirus - Why and how the Government and the media are wrong

Coronavirus - the madness of governments

Coronavirus - A conspiracy

Coronavirus - Yet more thoughts

Coronavirus - More Thoughts

Coronavirus - What aren't they telling us?

Meat causes cancer - the proof

Vernon Coleman and the Advertising Standards Authority

Is the NHS refusing to treat Jews and Gays?

The coronavirus scare - we now know what it was all about

I was right about the coronavirus!

Coronavirus - Why and how the Government and the media are wrong

Coronavirus - the madness of governments

Coronavirus - A conspiracy

Coronavirus - Yet more thoughts

Coronavirus - More Thoughts

Coronavirus - What aren't they telling us?

Why we would all be better off without the NHS

How to solve the GP shortage overnight

Antoinette - update

Dementia - the myths

Coleman's first law of medicine

How to use your doctor effectively

How doctors are bribed to diagnose Alzheimer's Disease

Please pray for my wife

Antibiotic warning

Meat causes cancer

The benzodiazepine scandal

Daft doctors

Understand your doctor

Recommendations for dementia patients (and their relatives)

Antidepressants victory

Dementia Myth

Could you fake it as a doctor

Why chemotherapy doesn't work

The cause of cancer

Multiple Sclerosis - more vital information

When tests aren't necessary

Multiple Sclerosis - vital news

Just believe me - and save 25 years waiting

Ask your doctor

Dear Doctor

Close the General Medical Council - it's a danger to health

Bent doctors

The benzos story

Opiate Painkillers

A salutory story

Why general practice is dying

The Lancet

The end of general practice

Curing cancer

Challenge for all medical journalists

I could cut breast cancer in half

Colon cancer screening - risky?

Paracetamol and alzheimer's

The last straw

Paper doctors

Removing healthy stomachs is a mad idea

Suppressed health secrets

The NHS - Expensive and Dangerous

Why Cancer Research UK and the Daily Mirror...

Does slightly raised blood pressure really increase dementia risk?

Essential facts about cancer

Beware: Colon cancer screening can kill

Appointments systems kill patients

Why I screamed!

Prostate cancer

Don't buy these on the internet

Antidepressants are over-prescribed

How women can avoid breast cancer

How health truths are suppressed

The Day I Thought I Was Dying

Why did no one listen to me about statins in 1996?

Vernon Coleman's new Bilbury book out now! (book 12)

Ignore the Government's claims...

Why the NHS is recruiting...

Drugs hidden in patients' food

The two ways to deal with benzodiazepine addiction

An Afterthought (Benzos)

Benzos, the BMA and betrayal

A huge medical scandal

Is your heart surgery unnecessary?

Why no one should listen to Jeff Brazier

The NHS has too much money (but wastes most of it)

The NHS is not free

Untrustworthy doctors

Why tap water isn't safe to drink

Drinking cows' milk can kill

Why all transplants should be halted

Everyone over 60 must read this

The biggest health scandal for 100 years

Prostate cancer: The truth suppressed

Breast cancer - the secret cause of breast cancer (every woman must read this)

Is your doctor a liar? Here are 50 big fat lies doctors tell

How to tell if your doctor is a drug company whore

The big lie from the Daily Telegraph and the alzheimers' charities

Top ten causes of cancer

Why you should throw away your barbecue

Valium, Ativan and other benzodiazepine drugs are harder to kick than heroin

Don't trust your doctor to keep your secrets

Vernon Coleman radio interview - you must listen to this!

Why you shouldn't let your child kiss your dog

Can these simple eye exercises improve your sight?

Valium, Ativan, etc: when doctors are guilty of bad prescribing

Benzodiazepines - fifty years of evidence which doctors still ignore

You should ignore the Food Standards Agency - they're idiots

Drugs prescribed for humans which cause cancer in animals

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART ONE)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART TWO)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART THREE)

The Ritalin Report: The drug that isn't safe to use for landfill (PART FOUR)

Health tourists will kill your family

Patients don't die of Alzheimer's

The NHS now spends more on lawyers than on doctors

Are experts who say that dementia cannot be cured fools or liars?

Tamoxifen - the cancer drug that CAUSES cancer

Ten diseases for which drugs are over-prescribed

This stuff causes more cancer than tobacco!

Leaving the EU could save the failing NHS

Coleman's 2nd law of medicine

The sad decline of nursing

When doctors can kill - and 'get away with murder'

Why has the truth about dementia been suppressed?

The dirty true story about Benzodiazepines

Meat causes cancer

Anyone with a relative or a friend in hospital must read this

NHS - a health hazard

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

How Alzheimer's Disease is diagnosed

The causes of Alzheimer's Disease

Millions of Alzheimer's patients have been misdiagnosed (and could be cured)

Why I won't be having the shingles vaccine

Alzheimer's disease

The real reason why NHS hospitals are closing

Why euthanasia is a bad idea

Alzheimer's Disease

If you're over 70, your government can now legally kill you

Meat causes as much cancer as tobacco (official)

Why British General Practice has died a terrible death

The robot doctor will see you very soon

How the General Medical Council is killing the NHS

The Biggest Myth in Medicine

Why is Male Fertility Falling?

Is Salt Bad For You?

Avoid Flu

Meat and Diabetes

Health Truths The BBC Won't Tell You

Psychiatry: A Corrupt Marketing Scam...

Worse Than Useless

Cowgirl Nurses

State Run Medicine Doesn't Work

How The European Union Kills People

Doctors Have Been Bought

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Missed Diagnosis (And More) in Exeter and Budleigh Salterton

Can IBS Cause High Blood Pressure?

36 Years To Respond

Questions You Must Ask If You Are Contemplating Surgery

The Truth About Mental Illness

You Can Increase Your Mental Abilities As You Get Older

A Scary Medical Story

Infections Are Back With A Vengeance

The Big Lie Doctors Tell

Why You Should Keep Away From Royal Devon And Exeter Hospital

Slim For Life...

Anyone Who Recommends Eating Meat Should...

Older Men Are...

Twenty One Reasons For Being A Vegetarian

Food Additives

The Miracle Of Healing

Does Size Really Matter?

Questions To Ask Yourself

Why The NHS Now Kills More People Than It Saves

The Dirty Dozen Dieting Myths

Five Out Of Six Nurses...

Vitamins and Minerals

Ten Excuses When Your Diet Doesn't Work - And Why You Should Forget Them

How To Cope If Your Child Is Fat

Lowering Blood Cholesterol:Turning Illness Into Profit

The National Obesity Forum

Why The World Must Go Vegetarian

The National Autistic Society

Coleman's 2nd Law of Medicine

Coleman's 12th Law of Medicine

The Really Scary Truth About AIDS

Could You Convince People You're A Doctor?

Dupuytren's Contracture

Quotes From 'Coleman's Laws'

Tricks Drug Companies Use

"Every Year Doctors Kill More Brits Than Terrorists Ever Have"

Vernon Coleman On Doctors And Hospitals

Vernon Coleman On Nurses

Hotels Are A Common Source Of Colds (and other infections)

Discrimination In The NHS

Don't Let An Addiction To Food Ruin Your Diet

The Ten Super Secrets Of Permanent Slimming Success

Is Your Journey Really Necessary?

Why Are British Hospitals So Bloody Awful?

How Many Times A Week Do You Eat Cancer?

Ten Ways In Which The General Medical Council Has Failed Patients And Doctors

Britain's NHS Computer Database - Part Of Big Brother's Evil Plan

The Three Myths Of Transvestism

Drugs In Our Drinking Water

Why Breast Cancer Is Becoming Commoner

Doctors Shouldn't Sneak On Their Patients

Doctor Who 'Prescribes' Meat Reported To The General Medical Council

How To Cure The NHS In One Day

Will Panorama Dare To Make The Real Story About Chemotherapy?

You Can Protect Yourself Against Bird Flu

Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Left?

Can AIDS Now Be Cured?

How You Can Conquer 90% Of All Illnesses Without Seeing A Doctor

How To Protect Yourself From MRSA

Twelve Ways To Look After Your Hair

Vital Questions To Ask Your Doctor If You Need Surgery

Seven Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Taking A Prescription Medicine

Twelve Tips To Combat Tiredness

Eight Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Catching A Cold Or Flu

The Early Warning Signs Of Cancer - What To Look Out For

12 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Backache

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Doctor

Health Secrets Doctors Share With Their Families

How Healthy Is Your Mind?

Treat Yourself

"How You Can Conquer 90% Of All Illnesses Without Seeing A Doctor


Irritable Bowel Syndrome - A Personal View

Ten Steps That Will Stress Proof Your Body

A Fifteen Point Plan To Deal With The Miseries

The Truth About Flouride In Drinking Water

Ten Ways To Save Yourself If You're Suffering From Burn-out

Find Out If You Are Really Overweight

Rules For Better Eating Habits

Winter Blues - 7 Ways To Overcome It

Why, When, Where And How Doctors (And Nurses) Do More Harm Than Good

Vaccination: Ignore Dr Wakefield And Ignore Channel 4. Read The Hard Facts Here.

Freedom Of Speech Disappears...

Too Many Indians - And Not Enough Chiefs

Is This The Real Cause Of Cot Death

Cut In Doctors' Working Hours Will Lead To Chaos

The Power Of Your Mind

How To Understand And Conquer Your Fears

Help Yourself To A World Free Of Fear

The Twenty Minute Health Check

Twenty Tips To Beat Depression

Infectious Diseases Are Back

Rules For Better Eating Habits

Workaholism - 10 Tips To Help You Survive

Bowel Cancer: Facts Everyone Should Know

The Secret Waiting List Scandal

How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You

Mad Cow Disease In Sheep

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Save Your Life!

Eating Meat Is Bad For You

How Well Do You Know Your Body

Has Your Get Up And Go Got Up And Left You?

Your Quick Guide To How Your Baby Should Develop.

Do You Stand Up For Yourself?

The Atkins Diet: Vernon Coleman's comment from 1982!

How To Keep Your Mind Healthy

How To Choose The Sex Of Your Next Baby

Relax By Creating Your All Own Time Favourite Ever Week

Are You Drinking Too Much?

Are You Suffering From Burn-Out?

How Worrying More Can Help You Worry Less

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