The Secret Link between Britainís Supreme Court and the EU

Vernon Coleman

So, two immigrants, a woman from British Guiana (who seems to me to be the smuggest, most self-satisfied woman I have seen in my life) and a hairdresser from Brazil, have used the law to defeat the will of the British electorate in the battle for democracy and freedom from Nazi born tyranny.

The Supreme Court, which sounds very ancient and grand but which dates back to the distant days of 2009, was set up so that the British would satisfy the demands of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The ECHR was, surprise, surprise, so closely linked to the European Union that both have the same silly flag and Teutonic anthem.

So, letís make this clear:

1. The British Parliament gave the British people a Referendum. It was agreed by Parliament that the Government would act according to the wishes of the British people.
2. The British people voted clearly to leave the European Union.
3. The Supreme Court, which was set up to satisfy the EU, agreed with two immigrants that the will of the British people must be ignored. As, indeed, must the will of Parliament which, donít forget, gave the British people the right to determine whether or not we stayed in the EU or left.

So much for democracy EU style.

And now, the powerful, rich and entirely out of touch Remainers think theyíve won.

Indeed, they are so stupid and ill-informed and completely out of touch that they now want another Referendum.

The Remainers are desperate to stay in the EU.

And who can blame them?

After all, EU immigrants make excellent, cheap servants, nannies and gardeners for politicians and celebrities. And millionaire business owners make big money out of cheap immigrant labour. Itís not surprising the politicians, the luvvies and the business tycoons all love the EU and its crazy immigration policy.

Well, the Remainers can have another Referendum. And a third. And a fourth.

Because the Remainers will never win.

The British people want to leave the European Union.

But meanwhile, the Remainers, the pro-Nazi campaigners, (and let us never forget the role of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in creating the EU) are destroying Britain.

Thanks to their arrogance the pound will slide and investment in Britain will falter.

And EU officials (who now hate Britain with a vengeance) will laugh themselves silly.

The Immigrant Two and the Supreme Court have not only stuck two fingers up at the British people.

They have also made Britain a laughing stock.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

For the astonishing facts about how Adolf Hitler and his fellow Nazis created the European Union and the euro, read The EU: The Truth about the Fourth Reich: How Adolf Hitler Won the Second World War by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini.

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