Britain Apologises to US over Anti-Trump Slurs

Vernon Coleman

Much publicity has been given to a group of professional anti-American demonstrators who have recently clogged the streets of a few British cities in an attempt to persuade the British Government to withdraw its invitation to President Donald Trump to visit the UK.

The vast majority of British subjects do not approve of these demonstrations, are embarrassed by them and would like to apologise to President Trump and the American people.

Indeed, the majority of Britons wish we had a leader who would (or could) follow Trumpís example and introduce a ban on migrants from some parts of the world.

Sadly, until we leave the European Union, we do not have the right to control our own borders but must do as we are ordered to do by the spiritual descendants of Germanís World War II leadership who now control most of Europe.

When Britons voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union they did so in the hope that their country could regain its sovereignty and win back control of its own borders.

The unpleasant and hysterical hordes who have been demonstrating against President Trump are drawn partly from the ranks of the ignorant, unemployed who will willingly join any demonstration, whether or not they understand what it is about, if they are allowed to wave placards and shout abuse at passers-by without too much risk of being arrested.

The leaders of these demonstrators seem to have included two clear cut groups.

First, there have been a few score second rate politicians who are still smarting at the fact that the British have voted to leave their beloved European Union. These want to see British culture and history destroyed in favour of a fascist United States of Europe.

Second, the demonstrators have been encouraged by a noisy and preening bunch of liberal lefty luvvies (mostly comprised of a couple of hundred fame-seekers enjoying the chance to grab a few headlines) who like to present themselves as Ďenlightenedí and Ďcaringí but do not appear to me to have understood the damage that is being done (to the countries from which the immigrants are coming as well as to the countries to which they are going) by the EUís bizarre and indefensible immigration policies.

None of these groups can possibly be said to represent Britain or the British people. The EU referendum vote proved that these people are merely opinionated members of a losing minority now taking advantage of President Trumpís actions to publicise themselves and their curious views.

The vast majority of thinking Britons are keen to disassociate themselves from the anti-Trump demonstrations which have headed British news programmes for some days.

Britain supports President Trumpís attempt to control immigration.

As soon as we are free from the European Union, Britain will do the same.

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