Why Nearly All Britons Now Support Brexit

Vernon Coleman

Recent surveys show that if the rabid remainers got their way and forced through a second referendum, they would lose the vote massively. The vast majority of Britons now want to leave the EU Ė as soon as possible.

The explanation is quite simple.

British voters who previously wanted to remain in the EU now want to leave for three reasons:

1. The warnings of Carney and the Bank of England (as part of Project Fear) convinced many voters to support the Remain advocates. Now that Carney, Cameron and Osborne have been exposed as false-fear mongers there is no reason to fear leaving the EU.
2. The people proposing that we remain within the EU are hugely unpopular. For example, Blair and Mendelson and Clegg are so widely disliked and distrusted that they have helped convert thousands to the Brexit cause. I find it impossible to think of any truly popular individual who supports our staying in the EU.
3. The EUís aggressive and threatening stance has hardened British resolve. Britons arenít much for going out into the streets and demonstrating. They donít show their emotions. But Britons donít like being bullied. And the EUís spokespersons have proved themselves to be unpleasant bullies.

There is no longer any doubt.

Britain is going to leave the EU.

And we wonít be paying to leave.

The EU (and its supporters) should get used to the idea.

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