Cyclists Do More Harm to the Environment than Motorists

Vernon Coleman

My wife and I spent 15 minutes stuck in a long row of traffic doing 10 mph. Only when we eventually got to the front of the queue did we discover that we had been driving behind a cyclist who was riding at 10 mph and who had stationed his machine in the middle of the road.

It was impossible to overtake the idiot cyclist because the centre of the road upon which we were driving was decorated with double white lines.

Every car, van, bus and lorry stuck behind that cyclist was all burning up four times as much fuel as they would have used if they had not been forced to drive at his speed.

There is absolutely no doubt that if cyclists were banned from public roads the environment would benefit enormously.

Cyclists who use public roads are selfish and uncaring.

It is well established now that they give off far more carbon dioxide than do motorists driving cars.

And slow moving cyclists are frequently responsible for accidents - especially on narrow roads where a car overtaking a cyclist is likely to hit a car coming the other way.

Cyclists arenít doing themselves much good either. Their lungs are ruined by all the diesel fumes they breathe in and their knees and hips get a terrible hammering from all that pedalling. In summer there are stings and sunburn and in winter there are colds to catch.

I can think of 100 ways to get fit and lose weight that are better for you than riding a bicycle in busy traffic.

Cycling is bad for the environment, itís bad for the economy and itís bad for cyclists.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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