Blame the Greens When the Electricity Runs Out – Here’s Why

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

As I have warned many, many times over the last decade and a half, our electricity generating system is about to collapse.

In order to please the EU we have closed down old-fashioned, traditional coal fired power stations.

The EU’s mad policies have endangered the health of millions.

But we haven’t replaced them with anything useful.

Green campaigners won’t even allow the Government to build nuclear power stations – though China and India are planning to build 800 new coal fired power stations.

And wind, solar and wave power generation is inefficient and expensive.

It takes more electricity to produce and run those huge windmills which scar the countryside and the sea than the ugly things ever produce.

Moreover, even if we covered the country with solar panels and wind farms there still wouldn’t be enough electricity to keep us all warm.

Thanks to the EU and a bunch of hypocritical pseudo-environmentalists, England, the most overcrowded country in Europe, will soon be the only country in the world without any electricity!

And the selfish many who drive electric cars are making things worse.

Selfish greens and sanctimonious electric car drivers will result in thousands of deaths when the electricity runs it – which it soon will.

Where do these folk who drive electric cars think the electricity comes from? Britain has had to introduce special diesel powered generators to provide enough electricity to keep electric cars on the move. It has been proved that the sad and sanctimonious, self-satisfied fools who buy electric cars are doing far more harm to the environment than people who drive diesel and petrol driven vehicles.

Hospitals and factories have been asked to install back up diesel generators because Britain now has just 0.1% of spare electricity.

Every motorist who buys an electric car is making things worse.

The chances are that electricity will soon have to be rationed.

Shops, factories and homes will have to go back to the three day week.

Energy prices will rise rapidly.

The cuts in electricity supply will endanger the health of millions.

And it will be the EU, the Greens and the electric car owners who must share the blame.

Here, in summary, are six good reasons why you should blame the Greens when the electricity runs out.

1. Electric cars (which they are so fond of driving and advocating) obtain their electricity from power stations which often use coal or diesel to produce the electricity. And because electric cars are inefficient, they use more fossil fuel than traditional cars running on oil.
2. Many Greens ride bicycles on public roads. But bike riders invariably produce queues of cars driving along at 10 or 15 miles an hour. At those speeds, motor vehicles are very inefficient and use far more fuel than they do when travelling three or four times as fast.
3. Greens are madly enthusiastic about wind power – and they pressurise governments to give subsidies to wind power installations. (These subsidies mean that the poor and the elderly pay most of the cost of wind power.) But windmills are not just ugly and dangerous to birds – they are also horrendously inefficient. They require vast amounts of energy to build. And they are never energy efficient.
4. Greens campaign to stop governments building coal or nuclear power stations. Without those power stations the electricity will soon run out.
5. Greens are enthusiastic about solar power. But solar power is, like wind power, inefficient and expensive. And it won’t ever produce enough electricity to keep us warm and fed with hot food.

6. The Greens are forever flying around the world to attend conferences on global warming. All that pointless travel uses up vast amounts of valuable energy.

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