Too Many Indians - Not Enough Chiefs

Just as private companies have at last realised that management consultancy is something of a fraud, the British Government is wasting an increasing amount of taxpayers money on hiring management advisors.

Vast quantities of money are now being spent on creating league tables and targets which are always met because the figures are spun (fiddled).

Management consultancy fees paid by the public sector almost doubled in 2003 and now top #1.3 billion a year. Most of the money comes from central government clients.

There have for years been far too many managers in British industry. Now there are far too many managers in public sector areas too.

Astonishingly, there are now less than three employees for every manager in Britain.

Britain desperately needs less people giving orders and more people doing things. This is particularly true of the public sector. The NHS, for example, is now awash with highly paid managers who probably don't know the difference between a triangular bandage and a bedpan.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004