Theresa the Traitor? The Great Betrayal

Vernon Coleman

A week before the election I wrote a piece for this website asking if the Tory Party could have been paid to lose the election.

There was an element of tongue in cheek to it.

Now Iím really not so sure.

Look whatís happened. The Conservative Party seems to have deliberately thrown an election. I canít think of anything they could have done to make things worse for themselves.

Did the Tories really throw this election?

Now we have that worst of all worlds: a hung parliament.

Millions who voted Labour or LibDem because they didnít like Mrs Mayís hubris and wanted to punish her probably now realise how stupid they have been.

But it doesnít really matter.

The democratic dream of the majority who sensibly voted Brexit is over.

Supporters of Hitlerís child, the European Union, may have lost the vote but they have won the war.

War criminal Tony Blair, aided by a small army of pathetic, whingeing remainers and middle aged Millenials are about to get their wish.

The Brexit we are going to get will be so soft that weíll be worse off than if weíd stayed in the EU. We will be doomed.

We have to start the fight all over again.

And there is only one way that we can now win.

We must point out to everyone the truth that no one talks about: the EU was founded by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. It was created to ensure that Germany won the Second World War.

This is not a myth. It is fact. The EU was deliberately set up by the Nazis to ensure that Germany gained control of Europe.

The evidence is available in articles on this website and in the book The EU: The Truth About the Fourth Reich by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini.

Make sure that everyone you know hears the truth about the EU.

And then maybe, just maybe, we be able to defeat the EU, the Remainers and the Nazis.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 12.6.17

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