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1. A vast number of drugs are sold for doctors to prescribe for human patients but are known to cause cancer or other serious problems when given to animals.

If a drug is given to an animal and the animal dies (or is made ill) the results of the test will be ignored. The drug will still be given to people on the grounds that people are different to animals. If a drug is given to an animal and the animal survives the experience, the drug company and its researchers will claim that this shows the drug to be safe.

The Government’s advisers collude with this nonsense.

On this website you will find a list of just some of the popularly prescribed drugs which are known to cause serious problems when given to animals.

If anyone believed that animal experiments were of value then none of these drugs would be on the market.

It is quite clear that drug companies, the medical establishment and the Government must know that animal experiments are worthless. They defend the fiction - that animal experiments are of value - because of the vast financial benefits to the industry.

The killer question (which vivisectors and their supporters can never answer) is: Why test on animals if you’re going to ignore the results when they are inconvenient?

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2. Two simple arguments which vivisectors still can’t answer.

a. Vivisectors admit that they don’t know which animal experiments are likely to produce accurate answers and which will produce misleading answers. If you don’t know which experiments are useful - and which are misleading - then ALL animal experiments must be useless.
b. When drugs cause cancer and other serious problems when given to animals the drugs are still prescribed for human patients. If you are going to ignore the results when they are inconvenient, why do the experiments at all?


3. Dr Vernon Coleman Annihilates The Government’s Pro Vivisection Argument
After giving evidence to the House of Lords Animal Procedures Committee, Dr Vernon Coleman was invited (by the Chairman of the Committee) to analyse the best scientific evidence the Department of Health could produce in an attempt to defend vivisection. To read Vernon Coleman’s clinical annihilation of the Department of Health’s best scientific evidence Click Here.


4. Despite an offer of £250,000 vivisection supporters could not find one patient whose life had been saved by animal experiments.

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Vernon Coleman: The doctor vivisectors refuse to debate with. Because they always lose.

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