Truths about the EU That Cameron and the BBC Don’t Want You to Know

by Vernon Coleman

The desperate campaign by politicians, the BBC and a cluster of large American banks to keep Britain in the EU has been an insult to honesty and democracy. Never before have so many downright lies been told in a single political campaign. Threats of World War III, recession, falling house prices, rising unemployment and so on are all lies.

The fact is that prices within the EU are about 20% higher than elsewhere in the world – because of the EU’s duties, taxes and regulations.

Britain pays the EU £6 billion a year for the privilege of paying higher prices.

The plain truth is that we would all be far better off if we left the EU. We buy far more from Germany et al than they buy from us. Are German and French manufacturers really going to want to refuse to trade with Britain?

It has become increasingly clear that, although the pro Brexit campaigners are comforting one another by saying that if they lose the vote they will immediately demand another referendum, this is, in reality, our last chance to leave the EU.

The strongest support for the Brexit campaign comes from the over 60s – people who can remember how much better things were before we began to take orders from a bunch of unelected, arrogant eurocrats. The under 30s are mildly in favour of the EU because they have never known anything else. They have been indoctrinated to believe that the EU is essential to our lives and they have been frightened by the outrageous, self-serving lies told by Cameron and Osborne. (Ozzy would make a much better Chancellor of the Exchequer than George.) If we lose and there ever is another referendum, many of those who most passionately want to leave the EU will no longer be here to vote.

Much of the support the Government has received during the last few months has come from executives working for a number of big banks – the very same, greedy, crooked, incompetent bankers who were responsible for the crash 2008, and who now believe that they will be richer if we vote to remain in the EU.

How can anyone with a pulse want the same thing that Goldman Sachs wants?

For Britain, for Europe and for the world this is without a doubt the most important vote ever held. If we vote to remain in the EU then England has no future – it will become nothing more than a group of administrative regions. If we vote to remain in the EU then the EU will survive – and millions will be doomed.

It would not surprise me if something terrible happened in the days before the vote. Cameron knows that a crisis of any kind would encourage more people to vote for the status quo.

Our only chance is to do everything we can to persuade British citizens of the truth. And we must hope that the voting isn’t rigged.

Meanwhile, here, taken from the back cover of a book called The EU: The Truth About the Fourth Reich; how Adolf Hitler Won the Second World War (by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini), is a list of the most important dates in the history of the European Union. Please read this list and then ask everyone you know to read it:

1933: Benito Mussolini talked of the need for political unity in Europe

1936: Adolf Hitler devised the name ‘United States of Europe’ to describe his plan for a united Europe

1940: Reichsmarschall Herman Goering created the name ‘European Economic Community’

1940: Walther Funk, economics advisor to Hitler, prepared a memo entitled ‘Economic Reorganisation of Europe’ and promoted the idea of a standard European currency

1942: Reinhard Heydrich, architect of the Holocaust, published The Reich Plan for the Domination of Europe (a precursor of The Treaty of Rome)

1943: Thirteen countries were invited to join a new European Federation under German military control

1944: A Nazi conference was held in Strasbourg to discuss how Germany would dominate the peace when the war ended

1952: The European Coal and Steel Community was created

1957: The Rome Treaty is signed and the European Economic Community was founded

1973: Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the Common Market. Instead of thirty pieces of silver he received a ‘prize’ of £35,000 tax free.

This extract is reproduced with permission of Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini, whose book The EU: The Truth about the Fourth Reich is now out of print but which is available as an ebook on Amazon. It is pity the book was not distributed with Cameron’s appalling pro-EU booklet (paid for taxpayers). Please circulate this article to everyone you know.

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