Why Council Services Are Deteriorating

Vernon Coleman

Do you ever wonder why council services are deteriorating – while council taxes continue to rise?

Wonder no more.

The answer is simple.

Council bosses are getting greedier and greedier.

The number of council staff in England and Wales earning over £100,000 a year soared by 53% last year.

There are now 2,314 council workers earning over £100,000. And there are 539 council workers earning over £150,000.

And these aren’t just bosses with big responsibilities.

For example, one London council has 44 members of staff earning over £100,000. They can’t all be running the whole kit and caboodle.

The people who do the real work (dig holes and file bits of paper) are subjected to a pay freeze.

But council bosses have stuck their noses deep into the trough.

Making it worse, far worse, is the fact that these overpaid council bosses have massive and wildly over generous pension plans.

And they can retire in their 50s or early 60s.

The result is that councils are now spending a huge proportion of their income on salaries and pensions for council workers who sit around in big offices doing very little. Or sit around in the golf club bar.

The average big company boss now receives 300 times the pay of lower paid workers. That’s a disgrace. They are stealing money from other workers and from shareholders.

But council workers earning these massive salaries (rather, that should be ‘receiving’ rather than ‘earning’) are an even bigger disgrace.

Their greed is destroying local services and putting a huge financial burden on the elderly for whom council rates are a massive proportion of their unavoidable expenditure.

There is no excuse for any council worker to be paid over £100,000.

They will all claim that they deserve these huge salaries.

But cut them down to £50,000 a year (with lower pensions) and see how many quit to take their chances in the real world.

Of course, the chances of this happening are as great as the chances of the BBC planning a regular ‘Men’s Hour’ programme to celebrate International Men’s Day.

In other words, no chance at all.

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